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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: Nov. 8 | MSNBC

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  1. 1

    why does Trump talk in the THIRD PERSON? "President Trump is going to make a decision." that's HIM !!! If I talked in the third person I would be put in a psych ward.

  2. 4

    Keep voting all these election deniers and RvW crazies out of Government. The Republicans are destroying the country and until you vote them out they will only do more damage…..look at the damage turbeville is doing putting the arm forces in danger.

  3. 8

    My fear is something happens to Biden and he isn't the candidate anymore and the nation is attacked resulting in citizens reinstating Trump in office out of fear and based on a new campaign of him saying only he can save the nation from it's aggressors. North Korea, China, Russia, Iran. Two things nobody is talking about. Trump wants out of NATO and he also wants to have a third term…think he won't get it if he's back in office?

  4. 12

    There should never, I say NEVER be no man no where should tell any woman what to do with HER body , never ever, we don't as men add to the pressure a woman has to go through in childbirth, we don't no and should be on her side the decision she, her, female, not a man , the opposite of man , yes what she makes.

  5. 17

    Republicans keep going down the same path because Trump is focused on increasing his rally sizes and personal cult. Other Republicans are focused on not getting primaried by Trump's cult. Fox and other right wing media outlets are focused on increasing ratings (whereas once upon a time they were focused on increasing the power of Republicans). The various Republican Party state and national committees are dominated by true believeing Trump loyalists. The Billionaire donor class sees their strategy working for them (in the courts) and has no problem with their puppets playing the obstruction role, allowing them to keep what they have won.

  6. 19

    With all respect you deserve, can you wait until 2025 to release all that information. Reps are like a the Borg in Star Trek, they reorganize and restructure… let them loose let the, 🤫 🤫 lose

  7. 20

    There are clearly Republicans who are opposed to a functional Federal Government (except perhaps a military), but understand there does need to be a functioning state government. Others apparently think they do not need even a functioning state government.

  8. 21

    Carla Williams, beloved teacher at Pensacola State College, was shot to death at a Pensacola gym in 2022. She was a victim of domestic violence. We need to protect victims of domestic violence, no matter who they are.

  9. 26

    Abortion is not the only reason that people are Not going to vote for Republicans. Republicans policies Sucks. Republicans support Wealthy Citizens only. The Republicans do not support the Working Class, Seniors Citizens or, low income families.

  10. 36

    The republicans stole the court, thanks to Moscow Mitch, and they are now an illegitimate court. Vote blue it's the only party left.

  11. 37

    I agree that Trump and Leo are very responsible for the destruction of Roe. But why don't you include McConnel in the list of the most culpable? His actions in packing the court felt illegal, even if they were just immoral. The suffering of so many women and babies are on the heads of these three men. I don't know how they sleep at night.

  12. 40

    Most posters here are $$$ soul's sold out. All about attack the peace politician. This is demon central, watch how none post about peace or solutions just hate for the peace politician.

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