‘Here I am’: Fani Willis takes the stand in misconduct allegation hearing

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis took the stand to testify in a hearing over misconduct allegations that could disqualify her from the election interference case against former President Trump.

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  1. 5

    It's just another sham trial and its all falling apart because of the corruption of the prosecution team. This is the real election interference.

  2. 6

    This is very relevant. She campaigned on getting Trump. Being creative to "find" something. The fact that she's sleeping with the prosecutor is very relevant and should disqualify both of them. This trial is nothing but political theater. She should be thrown out of office for embezzlement & using her office to fulfill a personal vendetta against Trump…

  3. 11

    Pssssst! Fanni, your entitlement, as well as completely vague, and flippant statements about "lies", is unacceptable. Don't care which side of the aisle you are on. Accountability, is making a comeback, and you dont seem to be on board.

  4. 20

    She acted foolish on the stand and people are like “you go gurlllll…”attorney’s responses from both sides of the aisle are saying well she sunk her own ship. It’s overrrrr. Game set and match. Her attitude and that YAS queen attitude showed the whole country in a matter of days they will move this case away from her. Watch. It will happen. Guaranteed. You’re welcome.

  5. 24

    Fani is so guilty i just dont understanding why anyone like high prices child trafficking and groceries so freaking expensive i was a democrat i have woken up and now i am a trump supporter. If yall just go look online at his rallys yall will see he is trying to bring this country together while other democrats are only out for themselves

  6. 25

    A romantic entanglement alone does not rise to the level of COI, which is why the ambulance chaser included the add'l allegations. They are on the same team sharing the same goal/s.
    She was not obligated to make her personal life public, as it has NO bearing on the case at hand. Someone's salary & how they spend that salary and on whom is a private personal matter. I would not entertain the allegations until they are substantiated.

  7. 30

    Looks like she gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to her boyfriend. Andhis law office. That's unethical she compromised her authority. She also handed thousands of dollars to her boyfriend! Can we believe it was only a few thousand at her word. Sure don't look good for her.

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