‘Awful’: Haley responds to Trump’s comments about her husband

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley condemned former President Donald Trump’s remarks about her husband, who is deployed overseas as an officer in the South Carolina Army National Guard #CNN #News

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    Nikki, why should Palestinians have to leave their own country to be safe? Let Israel finish the job?!? Netanyahu is committing genocide, and you are arguing to let him finish the job…. The emotions we felt after 9-11 dictated our response, and we created a huge problem by reacting emotionally. We learned from this, and Biden is trying to pass along this knowledge to Bebe, but the leader of Israel is more intent on killing his disgruntled neighbors than figuring out why there was an attack to begin with.

  2. 7

    Probably taking poor Barron to try and undo the psychological damage that`s been done to him having a father like that!! God forbid he ends up as damaged as his older siblings…..and she`s probably making sure she won`t go down with the ship!!

  3. 8

    So Israel took away some land that doesn’t belong to them and occupied illegally that land and when the Palestinians retaliated ( which by the way I don’t agree with the way they did) then Israel response is let’s kill thousands of civilians including women and children.You either are not truthful or you’re finding an excuse to justify the killings and both are wrong

  4. 9

    How come MAGA, half of them are veterans? Are they?? as I understand following this cult leader, leaving their brother who are out there serving??? I understand in the military( one for all, all for one) is really big deal !!! This drafter, said no he is not serving in Vietnam!!! and they following this men!!!!! 😡

  5. 10

    If Ukraine doesn’t prevail today, russian propaganda will grow, and get stronger to fight against the USA and NATO!

    If your believes and voting makes putin happy, maybe you should rethink your believes!





    To make America GREAT AGAIN we need to think like people in 1980-1990 thought!
    People then understood what russia’s games against the USA is!

    Stop repeating russian propaganda and make Putin happy!

  6. 11

    Serious question, Nikki. Did you stop supporting Trump when he called dead soldiers suckers and consistently slammed John McCain? Or just now because it’s your husband and you’re running for president? Serious question.

  7. 12

    How can you beat someone that you still call your president ❓

    How can you beat someone that you say you would give a full pardon
    Even if he is convicted for crimes against our constitution rule of law ❓

  8. 13

    Haley has no halo. She loves Trump, voted for him and supported him for many years so to hear her criticism of Trump is laughable. Oh now you're woke to the real Trump?

  9. 14

    She holds the same racial animus that the Israeli government has for the people of Gaza.. she is making a political calculation based on disenfranchising the original occupants of a land settled by a people fleeing oppression.. as a woman of Indian descent she displays a fundamentalist ideology like that which is currently prompting violence between Muslims and other ethnic groups in India.. she is in my opinion, an idiologic bigot…

  10. 18

    Israel can only finish the job if noone wants to take them by simply killing all of them. Is she supporting genocide. Is that the only way israel can address the issue. Have those people who are not Hamas be driven from their land in dehumanizing manner. Why should Egypt or anyone take them when they do have a homeland. Thats quiet unlike jews exile by Hitler and no western nation was willing to take them even though they had no Homeland. What did the west? They went to Palestine kicked arabs of the land, they have lived on for decades and gave it to the jews. Now the want complete what they started in 1947 , removed them complete. Thats why Biden will never call out Netanyahu on the acts of genocide he is commiting.

  11. 19

    The Military should endorse Biden! After all the insults to the military, POW's, Senator McCain and Haley's husband, why does the military not speak out against Trump? Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants or rather in the diapers of old bone spurs? Trump the coward who weaseled his way out of the army… Why should anyone in their right mind even consider a rapist, lying conman for president

  12. 21

    Beneath all that bronzer number 5 rattles the deep insecurity that he knows his wife could really give two flying fecks about him, and so he projects his deep shame about it onto his opponents. Straight from the standard bag of narcissistic tricks. " I'm not the puppet you're the puppet." He is in fact telling her what gets his goat. She should listen.

  13. 24

    The other middle eastern nations won't take the Palestinians in, because Israel won't let them go home again. Mr Haley is as intelligent as his wife … Human beings ARE animals and animals tend to choose there leaders by size not intellect.

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