Elie Honig on the stakes in Donald Trump’s Supreme Court request

CNN legal analyst Elie Honig explains the significance of former President Donald Trump asking the Supreme Court to step into the charged dispute over whether he may claim immunity from prosecution. #CNN #News

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    I see Elie Honig is still auditioning to be Trump's new consigliere. He doesn't even try to hide his deep, abiding love anymore. He plants his big slobbery kisses on Trump's fat ass every time he opens his mouth these days.

  2. 3

    What is immunity from prosecution of a head of state? This means that the head of a power can kill his opponents, subordinate the courts, legislative, and executive powers to himself, destroy the media and bring all the country’s subjects to their knees, force them to live in fear and then in poverty, as happened in Russia, Iran, Northern Korea. Does the US want to become a big North Korea?

  3. 5

    Stupid denied Presidential Immunity to election interference. Prosecuted 5M for Rape and 83.3M for having a Big mouth.

    $370M fine proposed in New York civil fraud. $50M MAGA donations used to fund lawyers and criminal payoffs.

    3 years 40 days after Smelly Stupid's insurrection let's hope Stupid finally receives a 22-year Proud Boy sentence.

    Only in America 'the land of the school shootings' would an ex-president with 91 charges against him still be eligible to be president again.

  4. 8

    Why the still given him so much time so he can get reelected as a president ones he is in all this time and tax payers money goes out the door and is going to be in laughing at all the American telling them that he was right about a witch hunt

  5. 9

    lol Tapper should not ask a question unless he knows the answer, "the Trump compound WAS protected by Secret Service" lol Bidens house was protected by Hunter Biden

  6. 11

    Trump has not been charged with i detection or rape or for the dc files not one thing. So why is he going to be taken of the ballot what the matter with you guys.

  7. 12

    Why the hell would ANY president be immune to the law? Why should ANY president be allowed to commit CRIMES with impunity? 🤨 If anything, someone with that much power should be MORE ACCOUNTABLE than regular people who have less ability to commit crimes. What kind of country would say that the powerful leader should be allowed to do things that by definition are bad and not allowed? 🤦

  8. 19

    Trump and his team MUST NOT be given names or he will go after them. And if he does, how can the witness sue Trump for money he owes them for the purgery payoff? He's safe and he knows it.

  9. 26

    This is not new news, Why is CNN acting like it is. We only want to hear from you when the Supreme Court blocks him or gives him what Trump wants taking another step towards America’s ruin. This is a fake out CNN, I noticed.

  10. 27

    To see a grown man (Trump) squirm, turn, lie, throw deceptions out, delay, pause, all in the face of the US Constitution, and continue to BASH the American Flag, Donald is not a real American Patriot; he's serving EVIL. There are no good intentions in breaking every rule of law and then breaking some more time after time (what are you teaching us by these evil actions, that lying is justice?). …

    We are witnessing the 1st time in US history a true AMERICAN DICTATOR is being let out of the cage. If the Supreme Court and the other Stae government systems screw the ETHICAL BOUNDARIES, then America could see Donald being Elected. He will Elect an AG who will throw out any other legal cases against himself and fortify himself with IMMUNITY. If that happens, then we all should call ourselves communists because we will be living under an Evil dictator.

    There are 2 things that need to happen. 1. The Supreme Court does the right thing by the laws created and stays within the ethical boundaries but remains cognizant of Trump's timelines to delay court cases, and 2. Most importantly, we need to Elect BIDEN, regardless of the opinion of his age or capacity. BIDEN will continue to do an excellent job as the US President (not saying he's perfect, but much better than the alternative Trump).

    Trump is also setting the far right to unleash further destruction of Ethics (with the likes of Lauren Boefart, Matt Gaetz, MTG, and other loony bins). IF WE let these immoral idiots cause havoc and ruin good decent laws and ethics, what will we have left for our children? Let's also come to an understanding of one other important person who impacted America; Nikki Haley is another white woman with a sense of justice for all; she's denied racial interpretation of AMERICAN HISTORY, similar to DESANTIS, just another right-wing idiot. What happened to the decent older generation Republicans like Reagan? The current Republican party is FUBAR!!!!

  11. 28

    The case is not an ambiguous legal question, it's primarily a delay tactic. The question is, will the judge(s) allow trump to manipulate them and the legal process for what he perceives to be political gain.

  12. 30

    Well i guess Biden can ask seal team to take Trump Republicans congress out just asking so instead of stalling lets take Trump to court being an American i ‘m entitled to know so lets get going if it was any other American citizen we would have already been prosecuted.I don’t care that he was president he is a Judas to this country

  13. 33

    What's he going to say next, He's God and he can't be convicted of a crime, He's going to be able to take that to the supreme Court?

  14. 35

    It's crazy that nobody else is able to utilize the court system like this. And the SC is a gown of clowns. Quick to take voting right, birth rights, quick to be the final say on everything except on trump. Now they use hypotheticals to defend him lol

  15. 36

    If Biden is truly the "biggest covert criminal in U.S. history" he should be ALL about presidential immunity so that he can skate away scot-free after his term. Weird that he'd be pushing a prosecution if that was truly the case. Just another nonsensical MAGA argument. Amazing with Trump's newest comments in the documents case, fully taking advantage of the electorate's 4-day political memory, he initially said he didn't retain ANY documents at all. Story keeps changing.

  16. 38

    This comes back on special prosecutor Jack Smith! He demanded that the Supreme Court take up the case without first going through the appellate court! So even he thought the issue should be decided by the 9 justices!

  17. 39

    WHERE is "Melanie?" Daily reminder, Republicans. Every donation you make to your GQP is a DIRECT PAYMENT to E. Jean Carroll. Have a lovely day!

  18. 43

    There would not be impeachment if there was no accountability…this dude is grabbing at straws and scraping the bottom of the barrel…GUILTY!!

  19. 48

    May trial date is a joke. Not happening. Cannon is massively corrupt. She has not set so my pre trial rulings. She is intentionally delaying for Trump. Plus Cannon just made a incorrect decision about releasing witnesses to the public. This analysis is so off.

  20. 49

    If Trump did nothing wrong…then he would not have to ask for immunity. He's guilty and knows it and is scared. Like Hitler corned in his bunker, Trump should take the same way out Hitler did or risk capture and conviction. The Republicans created the monster Trump and lost control of him as he terrorized the world. Maybe the only one who can stop Trump is Trump. If Trump had a shread of honor he would, but he's an empty vessel.

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