Nancy Pelosi rejects Trump’s accusations that she caused January 6 insurrection

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joins Anderson Cooper to comment on the accusations from Trump alleging that she was responsible for the January 6 insurrection. #CNN #News

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    Ms. Pelosi, surely you must have noticed that the real American public has nothing to do with the former and his loonies? Rest assure Madam we are quite cognizant of the magnificent role you played as one IF not the best Speaker of the House that the American Government has had in recent years. Your advise to us would be to ignore obtuse comments completely and solidly. And as such we are happy to comply.

  2. 4

    An insurrection is the overthrow of the government. The government was not overthrown on Jan 6. therefore, there was no insurrection. But dems like Pelosi just keep lying.

  3. 10

    We shouldn't hold any elected official accountable for ruining this country and people's lives. We shouldn't hold the media accountable for missing informing the public and siding with politicians on both sides. We should just let them manipulate and fill their pockets and sit by and fit each other not them. That's what we should do according to these slimeballs

  4. 17

    he Dems blamed Trump when their January 6th Committee illegally destroyed their proceeding transcripts AND insisted Trump incited an insurrection when Trump offered Pelosi and DC mayor 10,000 National Guardsman which they refused to take advantage of. It WAS their fault and they blame Trump.

  5. 18

    Nancy has spent her time in office on the bottle and her thinking is distorted. She and her friends have profitted from legalised insider trading. She and her friends allowed people to wander into that building. Everyone knows this. It's a farce.

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