WeightWatchers CEO Explains Why ‘We Got It Wrong’

Long before WeightWatchers became a weight loss empire, the legacy dieting company started as a small support group in the 1960s. The company rose to popularity preaching a message of moderation and making healthy choices. But in what some call a surprising pivot, WeightWatchers is changing the way the company does business. On today’s Chasing Life, CEO Sima Sistani sits down with Dr. Sanjay Gupta to share why she’s making these big changes, namely, embracing telehealth and weight loss drugs like Wegovy.

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    I have tried WW many times and I am always frustrated that there is no support for emotional overeaters. There is almost no sharing time in the meetings anymore, and scant celebrations at the beginning of the meetings for those who lost weight that week. For some, it may be the only encouragement they ever get. For years, I have wished that there were an optional separate small group sharing/counselling meeting at WW for those of us who have eating disorders due to sexual or other trauma and continue to deal with depression/anxiety or other issues that impede following a weight loss program successfully. I would be willing to pay for this service. Maybe they just don't want the liability. Who knows. Anyway, just straight up behavioral training and sharing recipes does not work for me at all. Of course one can get counselling outside of WW, but I think it would be helpful to have a group that is also going to WW and doing the program together– more moral support!

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    I lost 40 pounds, 6 years ago and weigh the same as I did in high school. I had tried losing that 40 pounds my entire life via diets, running, etc. But I didn't use any of the normally-accepted methods such as social media apps, diet pills, etc. And I simply cannot believe that people remain oblivious to what I consider the best method of weight loss and disease prevention….Intermittent Fasting. Why does this work so well? Very simple, doing I.F. is something our bodies were originally designed for, so it's like returning to eating habits that are more natural and beneficial for our biology. Our ancestors rarely had easy access to food at all times, so eating all day long is something our bodies don't manage well = an obesity epidemic. Take 30 minutes and read some testimonials by those who have tried I.F. In nearly all cases, the results have been excellent and the weight loss sustained. The medical community and pharmaceutical companies are not benefitting from the I.F. trend, so it's difficult to gather good info regarding I.F. unless you use experts via podcasts, e.g. Also, take some time to learn about "autophagy", an important cellular process that is only achieved during times of calorie restriction. And DO NOT be deterred by the the thought of being hungry all the time. Once the body adjusts to I.F. (this takes a couple weeks, usually, and some changes to your nutritional intake), you will not be hungry during times of no food intake. I eat from 9AM to about 2PM and feel great, have excellent biomarkers, e.g., cholesterol, and plenty of energy. GL.

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    talking about weight and diabetes, and not talking about the benefits of a plant based diet is frankly a little irresponsible to public health. as far as weight watchers, i haven't used it. I've seen a number of people talk about their point system, and it seems like there is a lot of room for improvement. it seems to me like the level of research done for this video is a little disappointing. one fact that was pointed out and bears repeating, most doctors don't get enough nutrition training. I'm just disappointed.

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    At last a different narrative that restores sanity. Different strokes for different folks. Not just about choice but genetics, comorbidities and more. WW didn't work for me. It couldn't I had several undiagnosed autoimmune conditions. Treating those lead to losing 1/2 my body weight without the behavioral interventions that didn't work and those ghastly WW meetings.

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    Weight watchers is a business. It survives by selling to vulnerable people.

    What works for me is staying busy. The more engaged I am with an activity the less I think about food. And I put my hamster wheel on 3.5 mph every ( ok , not every every day) day and walk for 15 mins. And even if I am overweight, at least my heart is staying healthy – my resting pulse is a steady 57 bpm.

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    Changing habits takes a lot of practice, some people need additional means and assistance to keep weight off and to lose weight, while their needs change over the years. However, allowing food manufacturers to shove nasty additives down our throats while fresh food options are financially out of reach for many Americans should come to an end if we want lasting change. Their practices are killing us, forcing us to become dependents in our medical system. Emulsifiers added just to make things look pretty and keep from separating should be gone, we don't need that in our bodies! Meanwhile, the boards, investors and owners of the companies poisoning us are rich and healthy, probably living & eating in Europe, where they do not allow these poisons in food.

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    Wow!!! Weightwatchers now promoting ozempic! People do not trust this drug. You have to burn more calories than you eat to lose weight….thats the secret formula

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