Willis on relationship with Wade: ‘We’ll be friends until the day we die’

Fani Willis said that her romantic relationship had ended with Wade this year, and that they have been friends since 2020. She added that due to the attacks from this incident that “we’ll be friends until the day we die.” 
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  1. 1

    Ever seen a BMF not twist words ??
    Like this bmf does trying not to answer questions with a yes or no answer or a specific question and not a bunch of Gilly goo, boo-boo bullsht
    But she’s hanging her self on her own rope

  2. 8

    The level.of stupidity and overall ignorance of the comments on here is very telling about America. IQ has dropped substantially in the US since the 50-60's and you can see why in these comments. All of these "you go girl" responses and other statements to the affect that these charges are irrelevant are totally asinine. Left wing Trump haters, blueblood Dem's, and black power dopes don't seem to understand the necessity within our judicial system that there are no conflicts of interests. There has to be objectivity, corruption stems from conflicts of intersts. Even the appearance of such corrupts the integrity of the court. Do I have to give 3rd grade example s fro you all to understand this? Evidence and testimony aside, you should have AND WANT TO HAVE a DA that acts professionally, isn't condescending, vindictive, smug, or petulant. Sadly, this is something we're going to see more and more of.

  3. 12

    No baby girl let’s go down to the basics. You’ve been laying down with him with your best friend. You have a friend with benefits and that’s the way he’s been since 2020. The problem now is that you got found out because he’s nowhere near qualified to be the lead prosecuting attorney and you put him there because you’re laying up with him. The question was that since you and him been in a relationship since 2020 and you’ve been divorced or you don’t have a man has he come over to your house because you can’t go with her his house because he got a wifey there. So girlfriend you know the question that they’re asking you has he come and slept or hit it in your house. Because you put yourself out there now you are all the way out there.

  4. 21

    It is truly sad what is going on in the courts with Da Willis. I hope people understand I hope people understand she's not the criminal Trump is an all his associates

  5. 22

    The witness is outraged at being questioned, keeps making speeches that must be reined in, and blames everyone else for her predicament. Sound like anyone else we know??

  6. 23

    Fani Willis is intelligent, hard working, and determined. I love her example. She should be allowed to do her job. It is rediculous that people threaten her because she is doing her job.

  7. 29

    This what happens when you go against high profile criminal officials first thing she should been very alert to what she is handling with this man and the Trump case my opinion that lawyer is being paid to make her look bad and bring her off this case this is nothing but big money in the mist of this matter don't look good for her handling this case

  8. 31

    I am so proud of her. She answered truthfully without allowing them to twist the words! She is smart and I'd be scared if I were Drumph. She's obviously the winner here and I never had a doubt!

  9. 33

    I honestly don't care about this. I care about the true crimes that were committed with election interference. Can we deal with that? This is distracting from the true case. I got one do not care what people do in consensual relationships. And they are on the same side of the argument. Get on with the case against the Trumps and others

  10. 39

    A personal relationship between two prosecutors in the same office certainly can’t be a conflict of interest. Between a prosecutor and judge, yes. Between a prosecutor and the defense, yes. Just another delay process.

  11. 44

    She was overly snarky, hostile, argumentative, and rambling. She gave long-winded, evasive, and non-responsive answers, and the judge was obviously running a bit of "interference" for her. She "talked back" to the judge a couple times, and he just sat there and took it. She looked totally unprofessional. A complete fiasco.

  12. 45

    This relationship has no bearing on Willis’ capacity or capability or bearing in her ability to pursue bringing a very real traitor to justice.

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