Witness contradicts Nathan Wade on relationship timeline with Fani Willis

Special prosecutor Nathan Wade contradicts witness and former Fani Willis friend, Robin Yeartie, on when his relationship with Willis stated.

Yeartie claims it started before the Trump case. Wade, on the stand, claims it happened after the Trump case began.
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  1. 7

    The mainstream media thinks Americans are dumb. After seeing this, they’ll tell you it’s contradictory and some brainwashed Americans will say it is.

  2. 9

    How do people not see the relevance?
    The woman lied about her relationship with a subordinate. The same subordinate has billed and been paid nearly 700k, the next highest paid attorney or firm on this case has billed and been paid just over 70k.

    Thats the relevance

  3. 21

    Why is this important when President Trump broke the law by trying to overturn election all this is about is protecting Trump as usual

  4. 22

    WHAT DOES HER RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS MAN HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING. Leave this woman alone so that she can continue to save our country. STOP TAKING UP PRECIOUS TIME. OMG!!!!!

  5. 25

    I wouldn't consider this a contradiction considering she is an employee that resigned for whatever reason, because it hasn't been substantiated by anyone else in this hearing. (Just her word).

  6. 27

    She didn't contradict anything because it was not established her statements are creditable. Infact, her testamony was proven not creditable for falsely testifying several times. She had several motives to lie.

    She was forced to recant why she left the DA office. She testified she ("chose") to leave— and it was brought out of her on cross examination she was told:
    * Her employment was not going to continue
    * She was going to be fired or she could resign, due to numerous write-ups for poor performance by Fanni Willis.
    * She also affirmatively answered the question (She understood she was not welcome to continue employment) she understood Fanni was FIRING her.

    * Fanni met her in College
    * Fanni became her Boss
    * Fanni lived in her condo alone.
    * Fanni took over full payments of the condo to help her move to new home without penalty fur breaking lease.
    * Fanni disciplined her numerous times.
    * Fanni made it clear her employment was over and allowed her the option to resign or termination.

  7. 31

    How she know when the relationship begins. Stay in your lane. She's not DA Fani Willis friend. She is a hater, can't you see 👀.If you want something about a person go directly to the source. Fani Willis is NOT ON TRIAL, STOP the distraction and let her do her job with Donald Trump who's Disgrace to America, in my opinion.

  8. 36

    This all is so difficult for me. I cannot decide who is the more stupid attorney is it Fani or Nathan. Maybe it’s like soccer ⚽️ it can end in a tie

  9. 37

    How does she know that they were in a relationship, she must've been following them around…i bet she doesn't have a man, or he would've told her to change that wig.

  10. 38

    Well, we know how the Republican witnesses are coming out they all turn out to be lies, so we have to wait and see what's happening with old girl. Was she upset that she got let go?

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