The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill on gun violence

The Atlantic’s #JemeleHill on #gun #violence.

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  1. 8

    If you remove the 5 largest liberal cities from the statistics, we move from being the 3rd most violent country to being the 189th of 193 countries.
    It's not America … it's a very specific group.

  2. 10

    President Obama had promised to enforce existing guns laws, not change them, just abide by existing laws. NRA attacked President Obama and a straw stuffed figure hanging from a rope noose was erected on the Whitehouse lawn and tears ran down President Obam's face. That was NRA's deplorable response to President Obama 's request. NRA are more powerful than the President of the United States of America. So change is entirely up to the American people. NRA Rules. How did that happen ?

  3. 11

    Vermont has many more guns per capita than Maryland, but the murder rate in Vermont is 10% of the Maryland rate. It's not the access to guns, but the people with the guns. The US Black murder rate is 6x the white murder rate.

  4. 12

    Thank God you’re giving up hope and pushing your false narrative. It’s not the access to firearms all by the way keep on keeping on not prosecuting people. Good luck with that.

  5. 13

    solve the human element, you can take away guns but still have innocent people getting jumped and killed by a group of thugs, and guess what that innocent person had the option to protect themselves taken away because you think the gun is the problem, evil is the problem. Implement the existing gun laws from a 2 decades ago and stop defunding it because your lazy to do background checks and punishing law enforcement when they do there job because of politics.

  6. 18

    Americans have not given up on the G_N VIOLENCE problem!!!!

    As long as REPUBLICANS are content with sending "prayers and well wishes" nothing will be changed!

    Vote for DEMOCRATS on every spot on election ballots and grant them the power to enact changes!!!!!!!!!❤

  7. 24

    We have a constitution in this country and only a fool would give up their rights for any semblance of false security. These people want everyone to give up the only tool that equalizes them against the criminals in the streets.

  8. 25

    It is so blatantly obvious that “access” to guns is not the problem. Places where there are more guns are safer by far than places that are not.
    It is the trope of the ignorant, virtue-signaling left to believe that the gun is the problem and not the degenerate behind it.

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