Expert alerts investors: This is not a Fed-Treasury ‘conspiracy theory’

TrendMacro chief investment officer Don Luskin analyzes the Fed’s relationship with the Treasury Department on ‘Making Money.’ #foxbusiness #makingmoney

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  1. 4

    We get it, Fox, Jamie Dimon owns you so he's got you throwing FUD left and right since he's getting his bear nuts squeezed on all his short positions. Sadly, everyone knows Powell is going to toe the line for Biden and start decreasing rates sooner than expected. Sure, he shouldn't lower rates yet BUT we all know he will

  2. 7

    Well Fed Chair Powell just warned the US debt was not sustainable and was urgent. So this guy contradicts the FED chair, US debt is over 120% to GDP which is alarming.

  3. 8

    At 4:20 Mr.Luskin said "I just don't know what to believe anymore." at 4:45 he stated
    "When times are normal like they are right now." (??)
    Can anyone explain to an investment idiot (me) what point he was trying to make? It would appear that these are opposite ends of the spectrum. Unemployment numbers have held steady
    ('23 over '22) Could this be indicative of a fear of the current ongoing global and domestic problems that are occurring? With money for Ukraine, Israel, Hamas, SE Asia, NGOs assisting the massive influx of 8,000,000 asylum seekers and illegals, a trashed failed Senate bill attempting to stem the flow at the border (double the Marine Corps 2023 budget) and to top it off, $650,000,000 to extend the wall on the border! I refuse to believe, if there were to be some miraculous hiring boom, that jobs with lower wages wouldn't be sucked up by a majority of "noncitizens"
    Which almost every Democrat in the House & Senate voted against. Maybe we should be fixing issues here at home first?
    Good thing Politifact was there to verify Trump's remarks;
    "probably a snake was in the way or a toad," Trump said. (Actually, the project didn’t face environmental hurdles; we rated that part of the claim Mostly False)
    My apologies for going off on a tangent

  4. 11

    everything is fine, spend your money, drink your coke, eat your Big Mac , take your Vaccine Boosters and don't question your government

  5. 13

    Government Spending ( make work positions and Munitions) and Employment are the only Real Growth Opportunities ? Government just running a Legal Ponzi Scheme – Madoffs problem was Not Being Able to Print Money ? 🤔

  6. 18

    I live in the real world where what the Fed does and what the Treasury Dept does absolutely affects my company. Don been hittin' the pipe. He's off his rocker, and by the way, Don, when you come on national TV button your shirt. Ain't no one wants to see your old-man chest, and yes, I can say that 'cause I'm 61. :))

  7. 21

    I’m sure this guy cares less about inflation than most Americans. Our government is inflationary and current long term outlook appears dismal to me.

  8. 22

    Debt to gdp ratio may be stable. But what happens in bad times? Its only good if you believe life is only good times and bad times will never come. Does government cut debt during bad times? Or does debt continue to grow

  9. 23

    I aim to reallocate my $2 million portfolio. What's the most effective strategy to hedge my portfolio and generate profits?

  10. 25

    Janet Yellen and Barrack Hussein Obama have destroyed this country. Good job! The economy is growing because of new.y created Govt jobs. Just ask the 65k illegals who are about to get a Govt job in New York. No requirement, no qualifications, no experience needed. Pretty sure they won’t be reporting to work either.

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