Americans aren’t ‘buying’ Bidenomics: Monica Crowley

Former Treasury Secretary for Public Affairs Monica Crowley discusses the downward revision numbers for jobs in 2023 on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. 8

    Democrats are running out of good things Trump did for them to claim . 😂. Now we are back to blaming Trump for what they have done .
    ❤️🇺🇸1st Trump 2024

  2. 10

    Middle class asphyxiated by debt . 800,000 people fired Las month without counting Amazon slashing 25% of their workforce. UPS another slashing.All hidden in the news until after elections. American media (all radio,tv and newspapers) own by 6 globalist that want USA to fall so they can impose the One World Order . Verify it. That is why you one hear one side of the story

  3. 14

    What's wrong with people? President Biden has given us the best economy in history. Look at the record stock market highs. When people are laid off from their jobs, they can live off their stock dividends.

  4. 23

    Jobs are down in my area. Indeed search used to list pages of jobs and close by. Now they show less then 1 full page and also with most of them being over an hour away.

  5. 25

    Just look up the consumer confidence index that we used to hear about all of the time. It tells the truth and things are not at all good for the majority of the middle class. If you are doing good that’s fantastic. No one wishes anyone bad, but a lot of people are struggling that definitely were not 4-5 years ago.

  6. 33

    Preferred candidate for president 2024 Among women
    Joe Biden 58%
    Don the cons 36%
    💦🌊🌊🌊💪💪🇺🇲Joe Biden beating trump like an drum 🥁

  7. 34

    The reason for economy's slightly improving is simple government spending, not necessarily the people spending. Remember Obamas 800 billion to improve the economy. He bost that the last quarter was an indication of it working. Lasts, see what happens later. Because credit card debt will soar and bankruptcies will also.

  8. 41

    give Joe Biden an ice cream and he’ll calm down. Make sure it’s vanilla and make sure somebody’s on stage to help him get off from it and make sure there’s somebody on the plane to help him get down the steps and also run the country because he obviously doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.

  9. 42

    It is an idea. It is not for sale. Wise up. Fox News motto is garbage in garbage out. It is not news, it is an opinion. Facts do not exist on this network.

  10. 44

    Trump added to the deficit to the tune of 7.8 trillion . He was only there for four years . But no mention of that by these Trump sycophants .

  11. 46

    Pretty sure by now that America has been made aware that Joe Biden is nothing but a lying con man. He's been a liar and a failure for over 45 years as a corrupt ,anti American politician, and it shows by his disastrous term as president. Vote Biden out !! TRUMP 2024 !

  12. 47

    Americans are not buying his economics or giving him 2nd term in office.Looks like illegal migrants wil start being removed before Trump gets into office.I grieve for the future!!!!😢

  13. 48

    Jobs reports will never be bad ever again. 10 million strong workforce with free travel, food and rent. We will not see a bad jobs report for decades to come. Americans can't compete with that.

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