‘DOOM SPENDING’: Expert warns Gen Z, Millennials exhibit ‘nihilistic’ behavior

Simplify Asset Management chief strategist Mike Green argues Gen Z and millennial spending patterns mirror that of the 1920s on ‘Making Money.’ #foxbusiness #makingmoney

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  1. 2

    My wife and I used to buy 28 oz cans of crushed tomatoes for $1.99 – $2.19 pre-covid and even into 2020 – 2021. Those same cans now cost $3.99. Tell me again how inflation is running 3 – 4% a year.

  2. 5

    As an elder millennial, one of the few advantages is having lived through the Great Recession. My advice. Reduce unnecessary expenses, increase your savings by investing in financial markets and do not sell. One thing I know for sure is that diversifying your income can help insulate you from much of the craziness going on in the world.

  3. 7

    Great reporting!! So true, so accurate. Rent never goes down. Enjoy what you have, while you have it. 50k new IRS agents… will just come to take it away. How do you pay for the national debt… squeeze harder. The rich don't want to become poor. Robin Hood and just keep upping the taxes?? But, don't poach the kings deer…. just to eat and survive. The rich get to keep everything… and don't have to fight like the rest of us?

  4. 11

    if i understand correctly, this might be what i went through. i lived rent-free under my parents as long as i was attending college or working and i saved up a lot of money living frugally. eventually my family got kicked out and we had to move in with another family member who started charging me rent and my savings dwindled to nothing! so now i'm done being frugal, because saving up got me nowhere, and i'm going to buy things that make life enjoyable.

  5. 12

    These fools, stop your spending so we can get a correction in all markets, maybe you will even be able to afford a condo or house!

  6. 15

    theres so many ways businesses are implementing tech and research to get in front of young peoples faces and pry on their emotions to spend everything they have

  7. 16

    I'd call it fool spending rather than doom spending. Mainstream media constantly claims the economy is up in order to stimulate said spending from the masses. How about just telling the truth?

  8. 21

    Of course they're heading towards nihilism. It hurts too much to have a heart in a heartless world. Not to mention the hopelessness of seeing any change for the betterment of the people. It's they who failed the children.

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