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  1. 1
    Dennis W

    Don't worry about it. Biden can fix it! Empty the oil reserves, and throw another 2 trillion $ at the EV industry. You'll either walk or drive an EV whether you like it or not!

  2. 11
    Gloger From Miami

    I am an asphalt contractor and the prices of materials and transportation are going up. I will probably go out of business next year and my industry will close. Thanks to everyone who voted Blue. See you in the bread line.

  3. 12
    Chaehun Cho

    You're about right they ain't go bust empty-handed like a loser for oil companies like Exxon Chevron Shell etc are smart inc. B.P They're simply switching to polymer industry. But if you ban their industry entirely, we are self crippling and downsizing our commercial global competency and doing a terrible disfavor to consumer interest for basically every household and industrial items- as listed quite a few by Kudlow.

  4. 15
    Williams Romero

    Your explanations are clear and straigh forward. I've watched several videos on trading, but they often lack practical advice. Can you recommend a reputable trading coach who can guide me through the process effectively?

  5. 18

    Is this there plan the whole time this madness needs to stop… Wake up America.. Destroying this country..

  6. 19
    John H

    Larry is superb~! He (and Charles) should really be moderating at least one of the upcoming Republican and/or national debates~
    Best Regards, John

  7. 25
    Ron Feldman

    Americans need to thank the Biden administration for driving up petroleum prices.
    Unbelievable how stupid Americans are.
    Slava Ukrayini 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  8. 28
    Kristine Jackson

    Dont forget plastic and rubber both used in the automotive industry. So much for ev vehicles and green energy. I guess it back to horse and buggey and the dark ages? I though the democrats were the party to move our country into the 21 century. Nope there bringing us back too 1492 to start over again.

  9. 30
    Eric Patrick

    Well, I Have Some Group Of Superpowers To Have And Use Is Metallokinetic Shapeshifting, Organic Shapeshifting, Inorganic Shapeshifting, Silver Shapeshifting, Copper Shapeshifting, Steel Shapeshifting, Titanium Shapeshifting, Pyrokinetic Shapeshifting, Cryokinetic Shapeshifting, Telekinetic Shapeshifting, And Psionic Shapeshifting.

  10. 31
    Alfred Degiorgio

    THE BIGGER THEY ARE THE HARDER THEY FALL! Trump is experiencing the biggest fall of all, from POTUS to CONVICT. This ruthless, merciless, cruel, human predator has destroyed countless thousands of lives and he's not done yet. Justice shall be done when he is convicted of his many crimes and ends his corrupt life in jail!

  11. 33
    Old Goat

    oil is in everything. oil production will not stop. phones, solar panels, just about everything created has crude in it.

  12. 35
    SomeOne HasToWork

    lets just continue destroying this country, and everyone in it. Hey Joe, there are no electric dump trucks, cranes, back hoes, front end loaders, graders, and a few other hundred vehicles. I got an idea, lets give a few more Billion to some other countries. Oh, and allegedly 4 out of 10 people your in line with at the store, think Captain Uniter is doing a fine job. Jesus, please take the wheel.

  13. 37

    And don’t forget: petroleum products are often used in makeup, skin, hair, moisture, and hydration products designed for women.

  14. 41
    Richard Lozier

    Voting & a party willing to spend in excess of 1 billion to place their Assisted Living resident in the Peoples House took America from a position of oil independence to low strategic oil reserves and begging for oil from enemies with the price on the rise again as the White House keeps the lies flowing.

  15. 42


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