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  1. 2
    legend Canibal

    Really biden…
    Why did the Fox network lost a lawsuit for defamation in the amount of 785.5 million for Dominion voting machines company…

    Because fox reporters are liars.

  2. 10

    I do not trust the government!!!!! We don’t know who is lying, who is for America, who can really help us. DISGUSTING. We need TRUMP!!!!!! And we need him yesterday 🇺🇸🙏👏

  3. 11
    Ken Huffman

    Joe Biden knew exactly what his son was doing because joe is the big man.
    Americans knows that.
    Joe Biden has continued to lie to Americans for ovrr 50 years.
    Joe lies because he thinks he can lie and get away with i.
    Joe got millions from china and Russia

  4. 13

    Pannity radio is 3 hours of complaining ,5 days a week complaining..why u listen? Lol complains more than your ex wife

  5. 14
    Peter Cristo

    Sean just has to get used to the fact our enemies like to give $100,000- to each Biden grandchild around Christmas time.
    Nothing to see here Sean. This happens during the holiday season. 😅
    (In front accounts)

  6. 16
    Peter M

    Ironic that Hannity is pretty familiar with lying himself (does it all the time to his MAGA gullibles audience). BTW, Rupert Murdoch thought he could settle the Dominion Voting lawsuit for $50 million. LOL. Ended up costing almost 16 x as much.

  7. 19
    Tom Bombadill

    I´m sorry, Shammity ?
    How TF would you KNOW ?
    Every single "whistleblower" (not) have debunked your narrative…
    "No sanity from Hannity"

  8. 22

    As a person that has a government security clearance myself, I want to know how he is going to China and keeping a clearance , if he has one anyways.

  9. 24
    Mark Traina


    ATTORNEY GENERAL MERRICK GARLAND, FBI DIRECTOR CHRISTOPHER WRAY and SPECIAL PROSECUTOR DAVID WEISS do not believe that AMERICANS have a right to know what the BIDEN CRIME FAMILY has been up to over the past DECADE to enrich themselves!


  10. 39
    Idle Surfer

    Fox Corporation founder Rupert Murdoch privately disparaged top Fox News personality Sean Hannity — and considered canning him to try to make the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit go away, according to a new Michael Wolff book, "The Fall: The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty," analyzed on Tuesday by The Daily Beast.

    According to the report, Murdoch also "considered axing Hannity as a way of giving the voting-systems firm 'a head' in exchange for a settlement."

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