Powell should lay it all out: Steve Forbes

Panelists Steve Forbes and Kevin Hassett critique Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s speech on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. 7

    8:56: Trump Reagan and Kennedy. JFK gets little credit for his pro-growth efforts. One more reason he was in the bulls-eye the military industrial complex and the CIA.

  2. 9

    3:53 the SOR was never supposed to be used to “bring down prices”. Ultimately, using the SOR for that purpose is inflationary due to the rebound effect when the United States oil consumer (every one of US from babies in the mothers sons to grey beards with one foot in the earth) has to go back to reality and get oil off the global market. At some point that Piper will be paid.

  3. 11
    rodney cole

    Rudy.powell is a joke and that's why Trump should've fired him cause he sure isn't no intelligent person he's more stupid than he is smart he doesn't have the capacity within his mind to manage Numb3rs worth beans he's nothing but a big failure cause he should've raised those rate prices up cause the numbers isn't leaving no other choice but he had to keep his rich chronnies happy so they don't throw their winning fits all over him but Powell appeasing his rich scum is hurting everything in America and around the world and he has to rethink his approach to numbers in detail.

  4. 16

    Get rid of these idiots. Meanwhile Citizens Pay! Why would anyone vote for idiots a second time?

    CLOSE THE UNITED STATES BORDER! Stop spending! Open our oil wells!

  5. 17
    Bob Stevens

    Masks cause horrendous pollution that hurts our environment very much. Google "Face mask litter increased almost 9000 percent".

  6. 18
    Wrestling Bear #11

    Democrats thought they could just come in and give out all these freebies & spend like drunks with no consequences. I'll tell you this: NO country has ever come back from a $30 Trillion deficit.

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