Biden’s ‘foreshadowing exactly what is upcoming’ following drone attack: GOP rep

Rep. Cory Mills, R-Fla., examines the U.S.’ response following a deadly drone attack on U.S. service members and reacts to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s apology. #foxbusiness

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  2. 6

    Why’s everyone saying this is Biden’s fault? No, I don’t like him, but he didn’t order that drone strike. If blame needs to be thrown, throw it at those who acted, the Syrian Iraqi, and Iranian Militaries.

  3. 7

    It was just a matter of time, and I think we all know it. We need to get rid of Biden and not with Nikki Hailey. The days of countries fearing us ate over! Pull our troops home and rebuild our 6 take care of our own people!

  4. 10

    So, what you are saying is we don't attack, because we don't want to be attacked? Do you have any Idea how dumb that sounds! Once again, the bully in the playground punches us in the eye, and we do nothing…so, don't be surprised when we get attacked again!

  5. 11

    Maria, are you serious? The drone incident is an excuse because they want to save face! The Air Force is not smart enough to place Identifiers on the drones to squeak code to the bases? This is a sham, to keep the public placated!

  6. 13

    Fox News is part of the problem too let me tell you what's going on Obama's running the show just like he did in 2014 with Iran so vote Big Mike Barry's fourth term

  7. 21

    Our own government report states
    That the defense system was offline while they slept and US intelligence failed to a take down a drone
    Those were critical failures that means one thing
    They were set up
    It is time to stop the political parties from using our sons and daughters
    Do what they want with taxes and money
    But leave us out of thier politics
    Demand every American soldier home not citizens
    Our soldiers all of them

  8. 23

    You folks are fools if you think Biden is going after Iran,Joe is owned by Iran and China,and going to the 3 Americans caskets is bullshat,what about the 2 white seals that died,yeah right,the only reason Biden is showing up now is because their black and the optics look good for him,but he doesn’t give a hoot.He’s a fraud and bought.He knows the black folks are loving Trump as they see thru Biden.

  9. 27

    انا رضا ومستعد ومتاكد الان لينصرني الجيش الحريه ارسلني الدول الاربا انا تابع في الدولتي في كل شيء ليحكمني ان كان وافق بدين اسلامية ان كان خلاف بشريعة اسلامية انا لا تابع لا بدل بشريعة اسلامية والشرع الاميركي انا رضا ومستعد ومتاكد الان لينصرني الملك جوبايدن والملك ترام لينصرني

  10. 30

    Is there anyone in ANY of the media outlets that knows how to determine the rank of a soldier?it's right there in their pictures. 1 sgt,2 specialist

  11. 31

    That's it Biden, tell them ahead of time what you plan to do! This president is a very dangerous threat to our country! He has no clue what he is doing!

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