Gen. Petraeus: Trump’s NATO comments ‘concerning’

CNN’s Erin Burnett speaks with Gen. David Petraeus (Ret.), former CIA director and former US CENTCOM commander, about former President Donald Trump’s comments about NATO. #CNN #News

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    NATO is a toothless tiger that thinks it is invincible… deluded itself into believing it has the firepower to pick on Russia… which ultimately will become a nightmare for all of Europe

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    Great Video CNN, Military Leaders in Europe and USA need to make it clear that They don't enjoy Donald J Trump exploiting the Ukraine Russia war for his political advantage! "Shut the F&*K up Donald!

  3. 6

    The irony of Trump saying “you gotta pay your bills,” is hilarious! Considering how he’s known for failing to pay his own bills…to contractors, vendors, lawyers etc. He claimed bankruptcy half a dozen times, therefore failing to pay his bills…
    It’s obvious that he has the tendency to embellish or even completely fabricate entire events to make himself appear more like the powerful, intimidating man he wants to be so badly. The world knows that he is anything but these things! I’ve always known that the person who brags the loudest is the one who has the least to brag about… His deep seated sense of inadequacy and inferiority are the reasons for his unhinged behavior and outlandish rhetoric. We know you’re nothing but a cheat, a liar, and a loser Donny. Kick rocks

  4. 7

    35% of NATO countries are not meeting their required treaty obligations. Better than a third. Trump is spot on. There is nothing concerning about holding nations to treaty stipulations THAT THEY AGREED TO.

  5. 11

    Would you hand a homeless person $1000 every day, and never put any conditions on it? Conditions, such as they need to get off drugs or get a job? What if you told them the conditions (off drugs, job) and they ignored you? Would you keep giving them $1000 every day, with no conditions whatsoever?

    That's what the monolithic, pro-Israel coalition in the USA does with Israel.

    We need to stop giving them money and military aid, hold their feet to the fire. Not immediately, they need a credible amount of time to change. But we do need to give them a timeline, where we will incrementally cut off more and more and more. The timeline can be over years or a couple decades. But the timeline needs to be clear and we need to stick to it.

    Conditions for timeline:

    1) Stop genocide on Palestinians. This must be NOW.

    2) Stop settlements in occupied lands; those lands agreed internationally that will ultimately be Palestinian when peace finally achieved. Currently, Israel continues to allow their people to build houses, schools, businesses and such on these lands, which if you ever had a neighbor build a fence on your property, it's Adverse Possession. It's a deliberate and concerted effort to steal more land from Palestine. Every Israelite that illegally moves into that territory makes a lasting peace more difficult. Israel needs to stop it. This should be now, but could be over the next year or so, as they hammer out details.

    3) Come to the negotiating table, stay there and actually work towards a long-term plan for peace. And yes, no one will be completely happy, so suck it up and approach it with an attitude of making concessions. Coming to the table should be now, but developing an insightful peace plan could take a few years, and perhaps decades to fully implement. Link various milestones in implementation to the money they get from the USA.

    No conditions for aid from the USA, makes Israel have ZERO incentive to do any of these.

  6. 17

    What a f ing liar. Putin already said he would not invade Poland and admitted border lines should not go back because USSR allowed and gave up territory after they fell. WHY would he want to start a war witht the US. WHY he is begging on Tucker he wants to talk and negotiate. And he does not blame us for the fall…he said it was a decision on russias leadership they disbanded. Unreal these people.

  7. 18

    What a bunch of liars. Trump because he is an idiot was recounting a story where he leveraged countries to pay up to boost himself in his rally. They using that to spread more propaganda. They know this but lying anyway.

  8. 20

    Half european countries have smaller armies then the NY city police force yet it is americas responsibility to protect them when they havent paid for 30 years the correct percentage. Who is the crook. Look it up… even the biggest armies are small in any comparison. They dont care about their own protection…. that is his damn point… even petraues cant argue that point

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