‘Shocking and worrying’: Ex-British spy chief reacts to Trump’s remark

Sir Richard Dearlove, the former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service, discusses former President Donald Trump’s remark about NATO which has cast doubt on Trump’s commitment to the longstanding defense alliance. #CNN #News

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  1. 6

    He means it. Trump is evil. If Trump wins the presidential seat, beware of blackouts, starvation, No water, losing your homes, and trying to find a place to hide because of many attacks. You all who has a sound mind better pray that Trump does not win for your own sake and your love ones.

  2. 9

    Trump will do alot of good to the world. Will not get involved in conflict. Not Drag NATO to war.
    If you support Ukrane you need to support Palestine, cant have both ways. At least with Trump we know the devil. IF trump is wolf Biden is wolf in sheeps clothing. Left has to be fully left if not Right is better.

  3. 12

    Putin and Trump
    do corrupt business
    it's all about the money
    Putin and Trump are arrogant disrespectful people
    Everyone wants to be better than the other

  4. 18

    It’s proven without a shadow of a doubt that this man is a raping, financial crook. The recent verdict proves he is the most incompetent bussinessman, dealmaker and thief in the world!

  5. 19

    Why are media spending so much time holding their breaths each time this jackass speaks: NATO is vital and anyone who doesn’t understand this needs to read a history book.

  6. 22

    Why anything that Putin says, is still regarded as credible, is a total mystery.
    It's like watching someone bashing another person with a hammer and when asked why, they deny even being there…..

  7. 25

    It was revealed recently that various foreign intelligence agencies conspired against President Trump going back to 2014. Was that Steele guy a former British "intelligence" agent too? Lied for years about "Russian collusion". "Shocking" huh?

  8. 30

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  9. 31

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  11. 34

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  12. 36

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  13. 37

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  16. 46

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