Neal Katyal on Jack Smith’s SCOTUS response to Trump

Neal Katyal on Jack Smith’s SCOTUS response to Trump.

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  1. 4

    This is not true. Every way you’re looking at, Donald Trump wins. Stop all this propaganda. The Supreme Court is not to be respected anymore. You’re spreading fake news. But people start to see the truth. Don’t waste your time…

  2. 7

    Well don’t you first have to commit a crime in order to be charged? Where is the crime? And if you tell me he committed fraud, why are all the other businessmen that inflated their value for a loan not on trial for fraud?

  3. 17

    I thought the legal system was given Donald Trump everything he wanted cuz I haven't seen Donald Trump losing anything yet they cut all of his bail money down to nothing and he's still walking the streets from committing murder rate and everything else

  4. 20

    You have to give Trump credit he’s figured out a way to bought and pay for our legal system, and if one little thing doesn’t go right for him, he says, it’s crooked and rigged, meanwhile, he’s the guy who’s rigged everything before hand. Hopefully justice will prevail eventually over this crook. Supreme Court has turned into basically a clown show worshiping Trump in any way they can possibly figure out without making it too obvious.

  5. 22

    So my question is Donald Trump didn’t really defraud anyone there’s no victim. He lied about the value of his property which is what a lot of property owners do in order to get loan. They oversell their property value so that the bank lower offer won’t be as low as if they correctly valued it, even a homes seller will spotlight the virtues of his property and downplay the disadvantages in order to sell the highest price. He paid back all his loans. What am I missing?

  6. 25

    Democracy loses… crazy thing is nbc and most the media is cool with it.. when did we turn into russi, china and those other authoritarian countries??? I know when.. when the media stopped working for the people and instead they have become an extention of the democrat arm!!! God bless america

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