New details reveal how US missed deadly drone strike in Jordan

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin reports the latest on the deadly strike that killed 3 service members in Jordan. Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., also joined ‘The Faulkner Focus’ to discuss the latest details surrounding escalation with Iran in the Middle East. #FoxNews

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  1. 4

    She looks like she's been created by AI to hate everything Biden. Yet she will ignore and try to distract from the historic criminal and treasonous behavior of Donald Trump's Administration. It's already cost her employer a billion dollars with much more to come.

  2. 9

    Iran produces oil and weapons, no oil no weapons. IRAN has to have sufficient pressure put on it to STOP funding Houthi, Hezbollah, Hamas, PIJ, Syrian Rebels, etc. CUT OFF THEIR OIL SALES 100%. Peace with Egypt occurred after being defeated and having Sinai captured in 1967 and that took yrs. until 1979 when Sinai was returned in peace accord with Israel. USA Democrat Administrations have directly funded IRAN by allowing $100 billion in Iranian OIL Sales the last two yrs. Bullies Only Understand Power! No Oil No Weapons No Billions No War.

  3. 10

    When the target is informed when and where the strikes are going to land, providing ample time to relocate weapons and personnel while investing 100 million to launch 100 missiles costing million dollars each at empty buildings or sand does not seem to be a deterrent, rather it is just more appeasement and will not deter the opposition either, over 160 attacks and 3 killed. The Biden Administration is GOING to respond, but will they tell them when and where first. Non-confrontational appeasement of the schoolyard bully by giving up your lunch money every day.

  4. 23

    I say get her off the air in fact get all of the news stations off the air. They all lie. In some cases it’s 100% in others it’s less. Why don’t they actually say what they’re thinking? Everyone knows Biden is only president on paper. There’s someone else running the country. Why do they keep lying and saying Biden made a decision or Biden said this? Biden doesn’t even know where he is most of the time. He does not make any decisions whatsoever. Why don’t we actually say here’s what the people said that are calling the shots? As long as we conform to the BS in one way or another we will never get anywhere. It needs to be laid out bear all the ugly and all the uncomfortable. We need to stop complaining and moaning about it, and demand an immediate and to all of this and we need to do this as a whole.

  5. 26

    china-joe has 1 brain cell,and DOESNT KNOW WHAT TO DO!
    All joey does is lies, muttering,forgetting, more lies, gut punching America again..& ALL joey does is give 180 BILLIONS CASH to IRAN!
    Im glad Austin turned up…after missing.!PLUS china-joe gave iran 100 BILLION in NEW USA EQUIPMENT.
    Doesnt congressbhave executive power over a hated lazy liar china-joe

  6. 27

    I have serious doubts that Biden is capable of holding a valid drivers license in his current state and he is running the most powerful nation in the world.

    I am literally more concerned than I have ever been and I lived through a good portion of the Cold War.

    C’mon America, get your act together please. There is so much more at stake here than the woke crap that seems to be dividing your country. Time for the creepy grandpa to go fade away somewhere away from the Oval Office.

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