Jack Keane rips Biden: The administration has to find a spine

Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) joins ‘America’s Newsroom’ to explain Iran’s strategic objectives in the Middle East. #FoxNews

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  1. 2

    General Keene is a warmonger. He is deeply entrenched in the military industrial industry. He stands to make a lot of money. He could care less if all of us died. I am an Army veteran who is still willing to give my life for my country. Not every body's else country. Just keep the world at war? Great call, General.

  2. 4

    They can never have a spine, because they are stupid, they are communists, they have never served, and they have allowed themselves to be infiltrated by enemy operatives. The Republicans need to proceed with impeachment, but they have no spine either and are about to be voted out of office by at least 50 seats.

  3. 11

    Really admire Gen Keane. And I share his frustration. Biden seems paralyzed with timidity. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea all see this as an opportunity to get aggressive. Our allies see it too.

  4. 18

    The trouble is with Biden,Iran knows how to deter any military actions against Iran by threathening Biden and Biden gets more fearful all the time,Biden succumbs to Iran because Biden is scared

  5. 27

    Spine? You mean like how the GOP caves to Trump? Yea… you're one to be giving out advice! Instead – back a convicted sexual predator for the highest office in the country. No thanks! The "disgrace" is supporting Trump. I wouldn't want a Commander in Chief who doesn't want our disabled veterans around him in public appearances. They paid the price for the freedom he enjoys!

  6. 32

    Listen to Jack Keane….let the military people do what they know best. The administration clearly does NOT know how to handle this situation.

  7. 34

    What Jack didn't mention is that our military is not prepared for a war. Russia busy with intimidating threats…keeping us off balance and Turkey will back Iran. who can put 2 million boots on the ground… Our munitions are not superior.. we gave most away to Ukraine… The potential enemy the same stuff. The real problem and I mentioned it several times here is ISRAEL the SWAMP has been bribed by US Jewish lobby… Netanyahu has been given a blank check. He should have been stopped months ago…So far we have had love taps…..We are headed for the rocks…no rudder, Israel will be destroyed, and US embarrassed for having sank to a confused nation at BEST, maybe much worse… Nato war with Russia over Poland a near reality…We are sending Nukes To Great Britain…Russia sending them to Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua….Our Major Cities New York, Chicago Frisco Financially broke crime ridden filthy Sh*t holes. with half frozen immigrants that we are housing and feeding…jobless with 34 trillion debt…. Add that to your equation…What Israel is doing to Gaza inhuman…Israel doesn't belong on this planet…They instigated the Intl crisis…and we are too weak to stop them…We might even be headed to Civil War over our border…" the bottom will drop out." and say good by to your mid morning lattes..We will be living, whoever is still alive in a new world.///Stupidity, corruption and indifference have brought us to this point..2024 promises to be quite a ride.., at the least

  8. 36

    I would love to say on fox news which no one seems to be saying out loud and clear. Biden opened up iran with payments and ending santions just like the borders. He and his goons are totally responsible for all that is happening now in middle east. Trump had all this under control and was creating peace in these areas but biden as predicted has caused the world to head into a nuclear third world war. How many more times has this clown biden got. Get him out NOW.

  9. 39

    Who was in charge of American dollars and trillions looted put the next generation Americans in debt. sure it was not desert jockey's. who got the spine to get the money back.

  10. 44

    The Bidenfather cannot find what he never had; therefore, he will continue to do nothing of consequence else his masters in Beijing disapprove… KDM

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