Republicans don’t have a basis to impeach Mayorkas: Turley

Law school professor Jonathan Turley on his concerns with Republicans releasing articles of impeachment against DHS Secretary Mayorkas

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  1. 2

    Mayorkas is America's Homeland Security Secretary. He does not nor should he be representing the Mexican Drug Cartels and the interests of the Democratic Party only.

  2. 7

    He refused to follow our immigration laws and has cost the American taxpayer billions and billions of dollars. He should also lose his large pension

  3. 8

    This clown is in violation of his oath of office yo up hold the constitution of the republic of the US we are not a democratic dictatorship we are a constitutional republic and he needs to be chared with conspiracy to violate the cicil rights and the constitutional rights of all the citizens of the nation

  4. 10

    It’s Hilarious watching Republicans trying to impeach Mayorkas, after Reagan gave amnesty to immigrants; while Trump is undercutting a border bill.

  5. 12

    I fail to see how conspiring to allow fentanyl, gang members and likely terrorists to flow freely over the border and aiding and abetting people to lie to federal officials by making baseless asylum claims aren't impeachable crimes. Talk about a RICO case!! This is an organized crime conspiracy by Democrats.

  6. 13

    The "common sense" approach would be to "impeach the big guy!"…you know…….the "big guy" who gave Mayorkas the position AND Judased the American people….."recidivistly"! TMc

  7. 15

    Fascinating how no one mentions Myorkas being Cuban born. Not even Fox discusses this incredibly relevant point. He is not American at heart and is in charge of Homeland Security.

  8. 16

    His inaction of duty to follow immigration laws and claiming the border is under control is in conflict With Bidens claim that if given ( Power ) he can get the border under control. Biden doesn't need further power! He has it, just as Trump did! 👍🇺🇲 Before Biden cancelled Trump policy !
    For now Bidens problem is Mayorkas says it under control?
    Or does he mean Bidens policy is under control Ha Ha Ha 😂
    All the lies !!

  9. 17

    Fox news is a disgrace having this man on my whole city is destroyed because of what Mayorkas did opening up border this country burn because of men like this

  10. 20

    Turley is…. "mistaken". Prioritizing laws for subsequent enforce-
    ment connotes SOME kind of enforcement to take place, vs TODAY: There isn't ANY kind of enforcement of existing law taking place. Instead, current actions directly VIOLATE current law. There is no "different interpretation", the language is absolutely clear. And as for this happening only 1x before, what about dragging ONE President through the process TWICE? As nothing more than a political smear campaign? But everyone here using "treason" needs to either be specific e.g. "traitor to his oath"
    OR research what it means as used in the Constitution. The definition is actually fairly narrow. That goes for Biden-bashers as WELL as Never-Trump TDS nuts. The LAW isn't partisan, only some undeserving few who administer it are.

  11. 29

    Think about a leader that refused to send military to manage illegal crossings ( 1.8 million unaccounted last count …what made this leader go to bat finally? It seems to me, it was when Texas defended their border but guess what, it was to stop Texas more than finally get control. Let that sink in I do not believe China or Russia could impact this country any worse. Nuclear with US is not an option for any leader with half a brain. Darkness time in my lifetime. Evil is upon this nation. I do not apologize saying you cannot be both a patriot and democrat anymore. Unless you just like what you can get from IT. That is next behind our other enemies. 238,000.00/ taxpayer but probably went up just since writing this post. AI will be taking low skill jobs away. Well, I guess we need to spend more on social programs. This is not rocket science. It's a heart thing.

  12. 30

    The Demo rates know if one of theirs go down they will start falling we need to start some where they are not working g for America by OPEN Border they have put America in Danger

  13. 32

    Its amazing they never talk about the impeachments of Trump. Totally unjustified impeachments. But its ok if they do it? So sick of all this garbage? Make america great again like it was in the 80s.

  14. 42

    Who cares what the pr esid ent thinks about how Mayo rk as is doing his job. There are laws that he is breaking and the Constution as well. See 8 U.S. Code § 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens . Code § 1325 – Improper entry by alien; 8 U.S. Code § 1327 – Aiding or assisting certain aliens to enter

  15. 45

    Turkey is full of it, following bidens policies or not he is still do the work and thats not protecting the boarder and is endangering the American people that is treason and high crimes. Impeach him there is grounds for it. Yirley is a 50/50 rino..

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