Pete Buttigieg responds to Mike Johnson’s views on gay people

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg (D) responds to past comments by House Speaker Mike Johnson (R) about homosexuality.

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    Its annoying as a gay man to experience discrimination in politics and in our own communities. I know that if these republican politicians swapped the topic of sexuality with race, then listen everyone…… That would be racist. Separate but equal is what I've noticed republicans still advocate for and want. Even if I simply put my arm around my partner, it sucks that as a US born citizens in 2024 now, we have to even go through a panda express lady going off, calling us disgusting, and pulling them mother card on us for a simple gesture (like if it were pornography to them). Maybe she should teach her child love and compassion towards others than hate and discrimination from adults who act like children. I bet 100% they wouldnt discriminate if it were a straight couple with arms around each other.

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    What about the children and the effect on them? Gays will say it has no negative effect, but it’s way too early for any conclusions like that. It’s un-natural therefore confusing when a child sees two men kissing etc.

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    Our country is fortunate to have u in its service. The speaker serves only the cult of Trump. Any reference to the speaker does not belong in the same breath in which u r referenced. U r a good man!! The speaker is a political non-entity!! Thank u Mr. Secretary for your service

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    Two dicks do not children make, you want your cake and eat it in terms of being gay, renting wombs and buying eggs is feudal abuse. In your case adoption, It is indeed possible you could be good fathers, the children don’t have a choice in the imposition of your lifestyle upon them, I think we better see how it turns out, but I think if your gay your placing sexuality as higher than reproduction. No amount of washing that reality away.

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    Pete’s a good man. Who cares that he is gay. Two men can love one another just as much as a man and a woman. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

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    Anyone who adopts orphan children and gives them a proper, loving, attentive, protective, dignified, healthy, and secure home is worthy of respect. Certainly seems the case with Pete and his partner.

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    being a parent is a full time job, and both these fine men are doing it daily, just like every other couple. i support them and other couples, regardless of their gender/orientation. that they adopted is awesome-so many children in need of loving homes.

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    I don’t have a heaven or hell to put him in, and I can’t judge him. The Bible teaches against being judgmental. I stick with what the Word says about everything. But I do know that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Adam. He told them to go out and multiply, and you can’t procreate with Adam and Adam and Eve and Eve. Everyone has a right to choose whatever lifestyle they desire. Anyway, it’s their own business not mine. So God bless’em.

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    Not a fan of some of his policies personally but wanted to point out "driving thr family minivan to drop our kids off"… I bet my middle testicle that most politicians don't drive a minivan or drop their kids off themselves… Dude is probably more normal than 90% of politicians.

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    If you are good at your job. Most Americans don't care if you are gay or not. I wouldn't want you in anything, because you are terrible at your job. You are in charge of transportation. I try to do my job, you pass something that makes it harder for me to do it. But worst of all you don't know what you are doing and muck everything up. Everyone on here is very supportive of you being gay but no has talked about the big mistakes you have made in our transportation to get goods to the people. But if people can't get food from the store because of the policies that you have made it would be completely different. I wish you luck and pray we get the right people in these important jobs that understand how they work.

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    You have a lot of support out here…to hell with those losers you work with, because that’s what they are! Hateful human beings!!!

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    Mike Johnson is asexual.. look it up read and then understand that very little is known about it. It’s okay.. I mean it’s a real thing. But he doesn’t have the evolution to even understand himself. He does have what maga has, cruelty, shallowness bc he/they are shallow, mean w pure contempt for integrity inner beauty and honesty. He manages his face mask better than the majority of maggots tho.

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    In my opinion has nothing to do about sex, It's about you not doing your job. My wife and adopted my daughter from birth 18 years ago. I wasn't able to sit on my ass collecting tax payers dollars. Do your job.

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    Just remember, the right does not care about children only when they are in the womb because once they’re born, they don’t care that’s a fact

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