Lawmaker warns: ‘Never listen to what the Biden administration tells you’

Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., says it’s possible that U.S. forces will leave footprints in the Middle East conflict. #FOXBusiness

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  1. 1

    A stolen election should never be tolerated, when O’biden was installed this was treason carried out as a coup. And now your starting to see the big picture, lies have consequences.

  2. 4

    God American citizens and voters we must over trun or grovenment and get biden remove from office now its or constitution rigths and then we can point a commander chif in office we know who will stand up for the American people of this country and close or borader down and stop this before we get to war war 3

  3. 7

    Since Hunter doesn’t pay his taxes Americans don’t have to either no taxes no money to launder no money to wars or nations that hate us now what? There all better followed the money home

  4. 13

    If 25 US citizens snuck into China they'd be disappeared as did the spies who Hillary outed with her insecure server while she was secretary of state

  5. 18

    How about we close our borders?

    That’s the FIRST thing we should be doing…THEN we can work on where and why these people are coming…


  6. 21

    Every evil nation will be against what Israel is doing to protect itself. They want to annihilate Israel as a nation, but they are fighting a lost cause. Evil will not prevail against a one True God of Israel. So, pray for Israel and pray for our USA. We’re fighting a spiritual battle!

  7. 26

    How can our government possibly think it's a good idea to fund Ukraine and fund Israel? When they're at war, that just keeps the war going and it's stupid.

  8. 30

    This is what a "not Trump" or "They have a D next to their name" vote gets you.

    If it was any other country, they'd be cut off from deals and communication.

  9. 38

    So he’s going to send our troops out to war without the essentials they need to survive while other countries infiltrated the United States and will probably attack civilians while our troops are gone. Is that what I’m hearing? It sounds like a plan to totally annihilate the United States. Is this what they are trying to say without coming out and saying it????

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