Video shows released two Israeli hostages

FOX Business host Charles Payne has the latest on the Israel-Hamas war on ‘Your World.’

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  1. 1

    History in 100 words

    Gaza City, famed for its port, is more than 5,000 years old. Over centuries various empires between the Nile River and Middle East – Philistines, Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Alexander the Great, Romans, Byzantines, Moguls, Ottomans, among others – ruled Gaza, as Jean-Pierre Filiu documents in Gaza: A History. Gaza’s status as a key trading and transit place shaped its unique culinary traditions, melding flavours like hot pepper and dill. Today Gazan culture and society has expanded to incorporate the Palestinian refugees who fled to here during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.


  2. 6

    Of course Fox News isn’t going to show the video where she shakes hands with a Hamas soldier, neither the one she says how well she was treated…. Doesn’t fit with the propaganda that they have been sharing…

  3. 7

    When is Israel going to release the Palestinian prisoners that are in jail for just protesting???? Why is western countries only worried about 200 prisoners when there are thousands prisoners in Israel for no crime so this is the same and no different than kidnapping. I think Gaza is the scapegoat as they are doing worse

  4. 9

    Fox News doesn't want there target audience to see the women's full interview or her shaking hands and wishing peace "shalom" to the member of Hamas.

  5. 11

    Show full video where she shake hand and thanks hamas militant but this is pro Israel fake news media channel never show good things they only knows how to fueled people against each other

  6. 13

    Why r u twisting things why did u not show how the old lady shock hands with the Palestinian guy why r u not showing the press conference when she said she was fed and had good medical care?!

  7. 17

    She clearly voluntarily went back to thank him and wish him well nothing to do with ulterior motives what kind of low life adds spin to an 85 year olds clear actions and tries to pollute them with the filth of his political agenda, A coward like this sky news anchor can’t even begin to understand that woman’s courage. She went to him like a grandmother having no fear whatsoever and a picture paints 1000 words. She also probably wanted to get her version out before being gagged by the state now they are saying it was a ‘mistake’ to let her give a
    Live interview . I have no doubt that this woman had the determination that if she wanted to slap that guy or merely complain she would have . Whilst the Palestinian children starve and drink sea water or no water die thirsty because of Isreals values this lady said they All ate all be it one meal a day. What a complete low life not only one on Sky news see Kay Burley and Mark Austin. Compare these bankrupt spin doctor journalists to the daughter who clearly valued her mothers independence of mind and faculties and was making great effort to translate into English what her mother was actually saying not what she wanted to say for her.

  8. 19

    The people who run fox News how do you people lives with yourselves ?! How can you sleep at night ?! Why cant you tell the truth for ones ,!?

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