‘WHAT TOOK SO LONG?’: Doug Collins calls out response to attacks on US forces

A ‘Mornings with Maria’ panel discusses the U.S. conducting ‘self-defense’ strikes in Syria and the impact on oil amid rising tensions in the Middle East. #foxbusiness

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  1. 1

    We took so long bc OUR SO called LEADERS have not served this country,their whimps at best,and 2nd,FJB WANTS TO WORK OUT HIS KICKBACKS BEFORE HITTING BACK,THE ONE WITH THE WORST OFFER GETS HIT THE HARDEST

  2. 6

    They are put there to get attacked i think this administation wants a war to try and call off elections we are headed to a civil war here because dems corruption is out of control

  3. 7

    Biden was at beach on his every other week vacation, likley trying to come up with a tough sounding warning to Iran and their surrogate "terrorists" groups. The woodpile behind the schoolhouse crap won't cut it with the emboldened mullahs. He apparently wasn't "raised" by an Iranian family…Nero fiddles as Rome burns.

  4. 8

    Try there is a Communist running America!!!Oh and it isn’t NumNuts Biden!!!That is Obama!!! These Scumbags ARE HIS PEOPLE !!! How DUMB ARE WE???

  5. 12

    SPINELESS democrats have no idea that Joe Biden's International defense strategies is ONLY $. $ to Iran, $ to China, $ to Ukraine, $ to EU. CLOWN Newsom is selling CLIMATE CONTROL; OR contracting more wind Turbines( Americans trashed in the landfills) & solar panel is PASSIVE. EVs are more business for China! What the hell; when we have 3 wars & ILLEGAL INVADERS?

  6. 22

    So sick of DC..They are always willing to send money offshore, but begrudge American Citizens getting SS/Medicare. Congress protecting every border except our own.

  7. 26

    So sick of talking men. All talk. None act. Should let women act and get it done. That is what we do. Yak yak yak all the time,day after day. As the world goes down

  8. 28

    The next move for the Master of Disaster will be to release oil from our strategic oil reserves if fuel prices get too high to make it look like he cares for Americans while he continues to appease Iran, his business partner China and the 'Chicken Littles' who fear the earth will burn up unless they have control of earth's thermostat which only God oversees.

  9. 37

    For too long the Democrat party has been telling Iran "WE don't want to attack Iran" that policy has been a failure from the outset,Iran gets the wrong message and recently as Blinken's state speech,Blinken reiterated those same words ,democrats continue to fail

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