IDF says it has Gaza City surrounded

CNN military analyst Cedric Leighton breaks down Israel’s military movements after the IDF said they had Gaza City surrounded.

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  1. 1

    Correction for confident , and BASED journalism .. “ Israel has Gaza city surrounded”. Or “ Israel already has surrounded Gaza city trapping Hammas terror group in its own capital”. But no. It’s ’ Israel says ..’. And nothing else. Stupid reporting. Go work for Al qaeda news or blue hair gender queer liberal news.

  2. 7

    The Americans justify the killing of children in Gaza,, in Israel's right to defend itself,, Well, Americans, the terrorist colonizer has no right in this land and what is happening there is because of your money and the support of your government and your weapons.

  3. 11

    The amount of 🤡 who think this started on Oct 7th. Israel is not a legal state. It sits within Palestine. It has been occupying for 75 years. IOF has imprisoned Palestinians in their own country. None of this is normal or okay. Their humanity has been dissolved. They are cursing their own citizens with this “war.”

  4. 19

    Those who still support Israel, look at the video from Gaza. The war criminals, led by the bloody Nitanyahu, showed their true colors. The blood of innocent children, women, old people is on your hands

  5. 23

    Many Jews across the world do not support Israel, or it’s occupation of Palestine, but they are now suffering many more incidences of antisemitism and abuse 😰🇵🇸🕊️

  6. 24

    Your absolutely correct all the way around. Although the countries go back to the beginning of time and Hamas facilitated the the destruction. Unfortunately all the people become one of the same. God help them all until they cry out to Jesus.

  7. 25

    Those who blames Israel never opens their gates for the Palestinian refugees. They speaks for their own goods, not for the peace.

  8. 26

    It seems to me that if you oppress groups of people instead of letting them participate and be represented in society sooner or later the oppressed will find ways to change their situation.

  9. 27

    The Israeli people should be out protesting the murder of innocent Palestinian women and children by the Netanyahu government to try to distract from his mistakes which were responsible for the Hamas attacks if he hadn't tried to dismantle the judicial system to save himself from prison which led to protests all OVER Israel and kept the police military and the security services busy so Hamas could plan Their attacks under the preoccupation police officer and military if Netanyahu hadn't been selfish in trying to save himself all the innocent Jewish victims would probably be alive but like all tyrant's Netanyahu doesn't care about his own 👁️ people and he certainly doesn't Care about how many innocent Palestinian civilians he kills but he is just making an army of suicide bombers for Hamas in the future he must be stopped it's only The Israeli people who can stop the Palestinian slaughter and save themselves from future ATTACKS if the Palestinian people saw the Jewish people coming Out in support of them maybe 🤔🧐 it would bring both tribes together for the good off ALL THE KILLING HAS TO STOP ONLY THE ISRAELI PEOPLE CAN STOP NETANYAHU HE IS THE ENEMY OF ALL SEEKERS OF PEACE HE IS A WAR MONGER NATANYATU WILL MARCH THE ISRAELI PEOPLE INTO PERPETUAL WAR NOBODY WANTS THAT THIS BLOODBATH MUST STOP AND IT'S UP TO THE ISRAELI PEOPLE IF THEY DON'T STOP THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT WHO WILL THEY ABOUT ANYONE SHOULD KNOW WHAT THIS FEELS LIKE Rip all the innocent victims of Violence in the middle East Jewish and Palestinians. PEACE

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