Abortion access pushes Democrats to big 2023 election wins with 2024 on the horizon

Ana Cabrera is joined by NBC’s Priscilla Thompson, Gary Grumbach and Steve Kornacki to break down the big 2023 election results for Democrats and how the issue of abortion access could impact 2024.

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Abortion access pushes Democrats to big 2023 election wins with 2024 on the horizon

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  1. 7

    There must be Ultra MAGA policies implemented to show liberals where we really stand and that we mean business, such as: –

    # Ending the practice of 'Trick or Treating" as this is a paedophile operated custom.

    # Melania Trump should never be a First Lady as she was not born in the USA.

    # Our footballers must wear more decent less provocative revealing clothing when playing football.

    # All voters to dip their finger into an ink bottle to show that they have already voted.

    # Mail-in ballots must have the inked fingerprint of the voter on the outside of the ballot.

    # All voters must appear in their natural-born gender apparel at the Polling Booths.

    # Taylor Swift to be listed as public enemy No 1.

    # Women should be homemakers, not in the armed forces looking for an abortion.

    # As compensation to President Trump, government must utilise his properties for their business.

    # A Trump/Tommy Tuberville candidacy for 2024.

  2. 9

    These victories are possibly attributed to low republican turnout? A lot of noise was made about the Dobbs decision, and all the bed wetting and screeching about women's access to abortion, the pearl clutching and media manufactured hysteria about how people were literally going to die 🙄 and now they are getting to exercise the democracy that they wailed so incessantly that Republicans were trying to destroy. Democrats are stupid 🤡

  3. 10

    Freedom 🤔🙄Let me remind everyone: We have not forgotten how the Biden crime regime forced experimental cov1d injections or take people’s jobs away if they refused!!!

  4. 11

    I'm 65. I got pregnant while on the pill when I was 26. I was working 3 jobs just to support myself. The guy who got me pregnant was my boyfriend of one year. When I told him, he immediately had his job transfer him to Hawaii. And the doctor told me that the headache medication I was taking caused limb deformities in a fetus. I had an abortion at 5 weeks. Had I not had that legal option, I would have used a coat hanger on myself and probably died. I am so grateful I am not young and sexually active and at risk of getting pregnant in America right now. Forcing a woman to have a baby she does not want, cannot afford, and who has no partner or family to help is the very definition of cruelty. This isn't about a fetus. This is about rich men wanting power and control over women.

  5. 13

    Maga is in trouble and it’s not just Maga it’s also the establishment republicans…. Once they saddled themselves to Trump and 33% of the country the minority can’t rule the majority and in 2024 that minority is going to learn the hard way. I think they’ve been absolutely delusional thinking their movement has grown bigger I actually believe it’s shrunk , the issue is who’s at the top of the ticket Biden has to drop out we want someone younger and more connected to the issues , that’s all the Dems need to do and they will run away with 2024

  6. 15

    And those Libs screaming racism voted for a white man who supports women getting abortions.. let me guess he is also ok with trafficking as well.. wow as long as nobody voted for the black dude who cares about black lives and Black Babies not turning into goo

  7. 16

    Too bad these morons will continue to vote Republicans into office. They've said so. They have a very narrow focus and they have an "I got mine' attitude. They have no problem tramping on other people's rights.

  8. 17

    GQP/MAGA girls and women who are mensurating CAN STILL GO ASK THEIR local Republican Party representative or Hannity or Alec Jones or Fox News opinion hosts to seek their permission to access neonatal care…. Every other American mensurating female can go to her chosen healthcare provider!


    SCOTUS & GQP totally out of touch with the democratic MAJORITY!!! Change is ESSENTIAL…. It’s now clear that the MAGA/GQP/SCOTUS cabal are THE OPPOSITE of what the nation wants!

    Forcing menstruating 🩸 girls 👧 and women 🙎‍♀️🙎🏾🙍🏿‍♀️ to carry unwanted and/or health compromised babies to term TURNS OUT TO BE A LOSING POLITICAL STRATEGY!!! We all love babies 👶…. But government criminalising women’s/girl’s health care needs IS TAKING BIG BROTHER CONTROL AND COERCION 👨🏻 – WAY OUT OF BOUNDS!

    And this whole disaster is being pushed by the so-called ‘SMALL GOVERNMENT’, ‘Individual Rights, Responsibility & Liberty’ party 🎈 bleeding 🩸 🩸 🩸 🩸 votes 🗳️!
    And deservedly so ….
    Well done 👍🏻 Democrats
    Keep democracy alive in America 🇺🇸
    Friend from Australia 🇦🇺

  9. 19

    Anti-abortion people, get over it.
    No one is forcing you to get one, you just don’t get to force everyone else to have kids.

  10. 21

    Just let Biden & Harris spend your money.!! Isn't this world just beautiful? No oil no gas .food running out. In wars !! Grand world huh ?

  11. 24

    The midterms were no passing phase as the Blue Wave continues to rise sweeping Republicans and their agenda from existence. The writing is on the wall. Go Blue in 24!

  12. 28

    I’m sorry… But let’s be serious, it has something to do with abortion, but it also has a lot to do with the fact that people are tired of Republicans saying crazy stuff all the time. Putting half of the children who got out of poverty, because of the child tax credit back into poverty in just a few months because they wouldn’t pass it again? Continuously, opposing good policy

  13. 30

    What a terrible country I live in that another human is easily desposed of for convience! America is no longer a Christian nation!

  14. 32

    I guess paying more for everything having record crime and open borders is not important. Also the conflicts going on in the world, I bet these kids will be happy when they get drafted.

  15. 33

    Does this mean Tommy Tuberville block on promotions in the forces because they support their people in abortion travel…become more dangerous for his position now, could it be his downfall? The people have spoken?

  16. 36

    Republicans should know as well as anyone that one thing that everyone hates is the government telling them what to do. So, knowing that, why do they insist on making their abortion position one that involves the government telling people what to do?

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