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‘WHAT TOOK SO LONG?’: Doug Collins calls out response to attacks on US forces

A ‘Mornings with Maria’ panel discusses the U.S. conducting ‘self-defense’ strikes in Syria and the impact on oil amid rising tensions in the Middle East. […]

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Sean Hannity: Israel must take off the head of the snake

FOX News host Sean Hannity criticizes American media for downplaying Hamas as terrorists and says Israel must ‘do what must be done’ to defend its […]

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Israel, Hamas exchange fire as U.S. deploys additional missile systems to Middle East

Israel is entering its third week of war against Hamas after the terrorist group infiltrated the country on October 7, firing thousands of rockets at […]

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Do not praise Hamas for releasing a couple of people: Morgan Ortagus

Former State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus joins ‘America Reports’ to react to two Israeli hostages being released from Gaza. #foxnews Subscribe to Fox News! […]

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Why Israel is ‘afraid’ over the slow release of hostages

‘FOX News @ Night’ anchor Trace Gallagher reports from Israel on reactions to the release of two elderly hostages by Hamas and Biden’s comments on […]

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‘EVIL’: Hamas uses their people to protect their military, says Netanyahu adviser

Senior Adviser to Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu Mark Regev tells ‘The Story’ that Israel must continue putting ‘pressure’ on Hamas to get more hostages released. […]

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Israel feels safer than the US: Hamas survivor

Hamas attack survivor Natalie Sanandaji tells ‘The Ingraham Angle’ that she sees similar ‘patterns’ today that the world saw before the Holocaust, like misinformation and […]