Sean Hannity: Israel must take off the head of the snake

FOX News host Sean Hannity criticizes American media for downplaying Hamas as terrorists and says Israel must ‘do what must be done’ to defend its country. #foxnews

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  1. 2

    I’m not sure what’s going on with Hannity lately. Either his researchers are letting him down, or his MAGA folks are defecting to other outlets leaving mainly geezers like me. The MAGA folks have fully rejected the Reagan/Bush/Cheney “peace through American strength” ideals in favor of tail-tucking “peace in our time” Chamberlain style appeasement and isolationism. Most modern Republicans will at least privately admit that Reagan was far too moderate to get nominated nowadays and only mention him in passing. Hell. They only even mention him at all to keep from pissing off us old folks. Of course, mentioning Bush/Cheney is like summoning Satan himself, even though most of the MAGA folks my age were fanatical Bush supporters in the early 2000’s. (And yes. I DO love outing those a-holes when they try to pretend they weren’t Bush/Cheney fan girls). Anyway. Just my take. I think Sean H. Needs to do a gut check or he’s going to be an occasional guest on the 700 Club. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  2. 4

    Sean is it Israel first of America first? Of course America wants a ceasefire, any war would ruin Americas relations with the Arab world (worse than it already is)

  3. 7

    the very fact that we have troops in iraq and syria when they dont want us there is all you need to know about western hypocrisy and entitlement.

  4. 8

    Israeli authorities must be held accountable for committing the crime of apartheid against Palestinians, Amnesty International said today in a damning new report. The investigation details how Israel enforces a system of oppression and domination against the Palestinian people wherever it has control over their rights. This includes Palestinians living in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), as well as displaced refugees in other countries.

  5. 18

    Fox’s own shareholders are suing Fox News for mismanagement and holding them responsible for their defamatory false reporting surrounding their anti democracy political agenda.

  6. 21

    There's more this story than what's being told,,what if what these people are saying about Isreal and America is true?what if Isreal and America has been committing crimes against these people and they finally retaliated to protect their people?there just seems to be alot of this story that is being hidden from the world

  7. 25

    This president, in title only, has caused nothing but turmoil in the world. Get him out!!! ASAP! Israel has a right to defend itself. Biden is not their president. They are under attack and should decide what is best for its existence.

  8. 27

    You know it's going to be great live entertainment when the audience brings all their rotten vegetables and eggs throught the front door. Can't wait for the curtian to go up and read all the comments. It's just awful when the comments are turned off, the video is not worth watching and has no entertainment value then. It's like being in Church with one way communuication.

  9. 37

    Why should Americans even care about Israel. This is NOT an American problems. They can fend for themselves. Supporting Israel puts Americans at risk, at home and abroad.

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