‘EVIL’: Hamas uses their people to protect their military, says Netanyahu adviser

Senior Adviser to Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu Mark Regev tells ‘The Story’ that Israel must continue putting ‘pressure’ on Hamas to get more hostages released. #foxnews

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  1. 1

    Israel has very advanced special forces that can specifically target Hamas, no different than any other hostage situation, if true. Netanyahu has no desire to spare civilians and children. He said so. He plans to eradicate Gaza and as many babies, children, elderly, and innocent families. This IS A WAR CRIME. USA is a party to these war crimes now. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness FOR ALL PEOPLE!! Not just you.

  2. 3

    5:19 Everyone please remember that Mark Frieberg is a professional liar and war crimina. Mark cries for the Lebanese people's suffering – well look into who was behind the Beirut port explosion.

  3. 17

    The only way you can get these hostages back is to tell Iran we're going to make a new parking lot out of their lands! Listen, Unlike Putin, they only understand Violence! Putin's fighting for the Russian people, and Iran and Hamas are fighting to wipe Israel off the planet! Did you know, that if the Dome of the Rock was in another country, we would still be having this same problem! The problem with Joey, he's in a religious war, and he has no clue what to do! If he was a Godly person, he would have all the answers! Protect Israel, at all costs!

  4. 19

    Let me think… why would they release hostages like this? FOR PUBLICITY – they keep the eyes of the world in the conflict as they want. While the international bullshitters are promoting a 2 state nonsense further conflict.

    Egypt is the most evil part in this at the moment, not letting the people in Gaza flee.

  5. 22

    What about the brutal oppression against palestinians for 56 years now???? You guys do not report that just like you dont report 2 million iraqis killed because of bush and cheney barbaric decisions

  6. 26

    Hanania Naftali's tweet immediately after the air Strick on the hospital clearly reveals who committed the Baptist Hospital massacre,

    who carried out ethnic cleansing, and who is colluding with them from the vile media. (40 babiesHospital taken of the map along with 500 civilians by high sophisticated misfires💩🦬)!

    “If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” – Malcolm X

    "The first casualty of War is Truth" Mike Owen, Hebden Bridge UK

  7. 28

    90 percent of the victims are civilians dont believe Isreal they have no independence Israelis journalists in gaza so everything they say its propaganda ..

  8. 29

    Hamas are not saint's but what do you expect a bunch of paramilitaries with no airforce are going to on 365 square kilometres. Lets not be naive. Even the Brits used Palestinians as human shields in British Mandate Palestine. I'm not saying Hamas are good people. They are not good for anyone. Not the Israelis and nor the Gazans. Palestinians need more rights but the destruction of the state of Israel is unrealistic and counter productive.

  9. 34

    If they are shields, they are primary targets and cannot be considered collateral damage. When did war become about protecting the enemies civilians at all costs?

    Palestinians, as a group to be disarmed and disavowed of the notion they can win this—otherwise you are voting for continuing atrocities another 30 years.

  10. 36

    There were many reasons why many Gazans did not leave, either the support Hamas or they were threatened by Hamas, or simply they don't want to be dictated by someone, in the end it's a wrong decision made by them.

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