Fed has ‘no intention of bringing down rates,’ says Kevin O’Leary #shorts

O’Leary Ventrues Chairman Kevin O’Leary discusses the economic woes the U.S. is facing.

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  1. 3

    How xo e yhry tell uou about how the republicans really muck up the economy and democrats fix it? Hoover tried yo get the US out of the depression but couldn't…. FDR a democrat did! The last time this country had a balanced budget was under Clinton a democrat! Trump rode on the ciattails of Obama's evonomic upturn! Make sure you tell those young folks that you guys voted down lol an forgiveness fir education but voted to forgive the COVID loans!

  2. 13

    I think Jesus is a good candidate! And Trump is better than Lincoln, and the late great American Jesus, know as Jesus H. christ as in a "Hell of a Christ" identical. This Trump guy, I don't know him never heard of him. But he must be "great" if he can fool people in believing he is a millionaire (I meant billionaire) then he has got the grit to rule evil in the world. I'm for that! Vote Republican jack!

  3. 17

    Why? Coz you guys are not happy the economy is strong needing loads of cooling after preaching nonstop for doom coz the fraudulent rapist Trump that you sides with has been booted out of office?

  4. 19

    This is ridiculous. Americans are sick of being screwed and sick of taking care of everyone else. I did not sign up to take my tax money to pay for other countries. Meanwhile I am using my credit card to pay for bills. Such bs.

  5. 22

    Kevin in my opinion and millions of other perople think KEVIN HAS NO credibility….FTX scam fraud paid Kevin 10 million dollars say anything it wanted to reel in new suckers that lost there life savings. My CPA told me it would take 30 minutes to look at FTX books to know they were a fraud so either Kevin is bad at MATH or will say and do anything for 10 million dollars no matter who he hurts. Fox STOP letting Kevin on your shows PLEASE

  6. 32

    4.9% 3rd qtr. growth rate. Unemployment is at an all-time low, wages are going up, but Fox still wants to tell you how bad everything is going. Thet are always rooting against the average American.

  7. 37

    Citizens know Hamas in America their for defund police shut keystone pipeline support child trafficking john Kerry fraudulent iran deal Hamas in America

  8. 40

    I was told by a Credit Card Company that they are not designed to ever be able to pay off. High interest rate makes it impossible to do. People need to learn to save more for somethings they want, not need instead of grabbing a Credit Card with high interest rates. Pay off balance before interest rate is charged.

    Government proves that's true. They are paying only the interest on what they are borrowing. Our actual debt alone is out of control. Why are we borrowing money that goes to benefit other Countries not ours ?

  9. 43

    I hope the fools who actually voted for Biden are real happy now with their ill Svised decision to turn their back on trump in 2020 because we are suffering under this terrible administration now wtfu people we need trump back very badly now to fux what biden has messed up

  10. 44

    The dim.o.crat plan is to break the nation's economic back by spending more and printing more. Then they can force the nation to move to full on socialism. It's all by design. Better wake up America, before its too late.

  11. 46

    Ahh kevin….. My canadian countryman. Kev i heard pierre is gonna need a finance minister..you have enough money come save this free falling country. You can hold your meetings all summer at the😄 lake still

  12. 47

    Biden took us back to the Carter years. 13 percent interest rates for a home. But Carter was handed a crappie economy, Biden was handed a strong bouncing back economy after covid.

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