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‘Not surprised’ UN staff allegedly involved in Hamas’ attack on Israel: Pompeo

Fox News contributor Mike Pompeo joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss the Biden admin’s handling of heightening tension with Iran following a deadly strike in Jordan […]

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Maher rails at college kids siding with Hamas

‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss how Bill Maher ripped into liberal college students for siding with Hamas terrorists. Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox […]


Sen. Murphy: ‘I do not support a ceasefire,’ but ‘size of civilian casualties have been too high’

As the conflict in Israel approaches one month and the toll of civilian casualties climbs, the Biden administration warns Iran and Hezbollah against attacking Israel. […]


Woman’s daughter was killed by Hamas. Her family’s ordeal was livestreamed on Facebook (PART 2)

Israeli Gali Idan speaks with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack on her kibbutz and the terrifying ordeal she and her […]

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‘EVIL’: Hamas uses their people to protect their military, says Netanyahu adviser

Senior Adviser to Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu Mark Regev tells ‘The Story’ that Israel must continue putting ‘pressure’ on Hamas to get more hostages released. […]

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New Israeli unit tasked with killing all Hamas terrorists involved in Oct. 7 attack

Dan O’Shea, retired Navy SEAL commander and former hostage negotiator, provides analysis after Hamas released two hostages Monday. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News! Watch […]

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Israel calls on United Nations chief to resign following ‘shocking’ speech

FOX News’ Eric Shawn provides details on the ‘stunning’ news after some accused U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres of justifying Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on […]