Joe: I’m sick and tired of Republicans trying to undermine our military

Joe Scarborough reacts to GOP Rep. Michael McCaul’s comments about GOP hardliners blocking debate on the party’s defense spending bill.

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Joe: I’m sick and tired of Republicans trying to undermine our military

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  1. 5
    Kathy Burton

    Mika, you're letting Joe talk over you. He will not let you get a complete sentence out of your mouth.
    I keep telling you that this makes WOMEN look bad!!

  2. 7
    Drake Mia

    Republicans better start listening to people because right now they sound like authoritarian dictators for there own best interest over all Americans.

  3. 10
    Matt T

    So you talk about support for Ukraine….and yet you show 2 minutes of Ukraine War, and our taxpayer money is finding this War!! Report That!!!! What news???

  4. 13
    Bob Barker

    The new Republicans are petty, jealous, entitled children in adult bodies.

    Great program! Thank you for speaking the truth for us who don't have a voice.

  5. 14
    C&B Jones

    Question – Are the Republicans that are beginning to push back up for re-election soon? Especially those in swing states? Are they being genuine about their concerns or are they just wanting to make sure they have a chance to keep their positions in politics?

  6. 16
    Jeff McCrea

    MAGAot REPUGNANTCONS hate the military because it stands in the way of communists from coming in and taking over.

    Also, General Milly said that he wouldn't support THE LYIN' KING if he tried to use the military to stay in office. Milly rightfully said, "I took an oath to uphold the U.S. constitution, NOT to any president". He clarified that he would support and follow any lawful order issued by the president but not an illegal coup.

  7. 18
    Queen Melita

    No doubt, they align themselves to Putin and China Yeah we just need to elect more people that protect America and we need to vote out those people that anti-democracy

  8. 19
    Tim Thompson

    Believe this – there are so many like me – Republicans who will never vote for anyone but a democrat until this clown show is over and Fat Donald is locked up.

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