Hannity: Biden bows to the climate gods at the United Nations

FOX News host Sean Hannity discusses the effects of President Biden’s climate agenda and budget battle in Congress in Tuesday’s opening monologue.
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  1. 3

    September 20th, 2023. The normal temperature where I live on this date is 79°. Yesterday, the weather services were calling for it to be 89°, it was 74°. In 2018, it was 113°. My records don't show an increase in temperature. Today they're calling for high 80's, we'll see.

  2. 4

    The Democrat's Call To Arms: 'The climate is in doomed. Foreigners have every right to invade and expect a free ride. Unborn babies must be offed. Patriots are a threat to democracy. Heterosexual sanity is a phobia. Transgendering is a right. Children must be indoctrinated. Criminals must be set free. Police must be defunded. Elections must be controlled. Opponents must be silenced.'

  3. 5
    Frank Guardian

    It amazes me that in this great country of ours we are powerless to counter an incompetent president from destroying our country. We the American public citizen voter were disenfranchised when Biden got the presidency. And, what did our government leadership do? Nothing! Trump is riding a huge wave but, what hope do we have if the election irregularities have not been corrected! What hope do we have? I am an American. I was born in this great country when border Immigration was strong in 1943. I am of Mexican parentage. I firmly believe in the Constitution of the United States of America. I believe that all Immigrants must assimilate into the culture that was established in 1776! I understand that America is comprised of various world cultures and its OK to celebrate some festivals from the old country, but we must not ever, ever forget that we are American and follow the rules of law! In 1965 president Lyndon Johnson expanded the military presence In Vietnam. I was called and I answered the call willing. The Draft was on. Yes I was drafted and I was inducted into the United States Army on April 27, 1965. I served in Soc Trang South Vietnam. I served one year with the 121st avn Co, 13th Avn Bn. September 26, 1965 to September 26, 1966. >Today I ware my Vietnam colors not for myself but for all those brave young men who paid the ultimate price, there life! I believe in a strong immigration policy, yes that good law-abiding people with strong work ethic can become American citizen.

  4. 7
    High FiveG

    Has Fox News ever ran a story that was something positive the Republicans did, or is every story blaming Democrats for something? It just comes across as pathetic.

  5. 9
    sheryl romine

    Sean!! Do you know how much the TRUMP TAX BREAKS ADDED?? You Love Spreading TRASH TALK!! Look at the REST OF THE WORLD!! The pandemic Truly HURT US!! You sure are trying to replace the TUCKER SHOW!! But it just won’t work!!

  6. 12
    Just Aguy

    "Climate gods" right. Ok clown, tell you what; don't think of the last summer as the hottest summer worldwide in your life, think of it as the coolest summer worldwide of the rest of your life. Go hottubbing off the coast of Florida, before it's too hot to take.

  7. 13
    Bob Ahern

    So will our first lady listen to Joe and go electric…???Jill Biden has recently bought a BMW X6 Jill also owns a Ferrari F8 ,Audi RS Q8 Mercedes-Benz GLA Range Rover Evoque and 2 Luxury Yachts. Lives in a 8100 square ft 8 Bedrooms and 10 Bathrooms with Joe, how is that green Joey?

  8. 16
    Me Jesse


  9. 18
    Frank Featherstone

    Hey Hannity! Get your grandkids ready to share the country with millions of displaced islander and coastal dweller climate change victims of your oil and coal baron Gods.

  10. 21
    Winter Storm Watch

    I get all my scientific advice from Fox talking heads. $33 trillion, with $8 trillion from Trump. Who cares about the deficit when you paint doom and gloom ever day. Once Trump’s Fascist Party takes over then it’ll get better.

  11. 22
    Joseph Rivera

    Fox whin lies news to the tune of 787 million and more law suits to come. So if you are gullible and love the shittery this is your news source.

  12. 25
    Starr Manley

    Also Hannity you are lying thru your teeth right now
    The bills due right now are the bills made during the trump administration. Do you not think that if you spend trillions in 2020 it's not being paid in 2023?? You and fox are duping the ignorant and you know it.

  13. 26
    CantFightTheSystem DF

    Not one person in this comment section has a brain. One provable point that disproves climate change? No, because it’s real. And the Conservatives and Republicans alike think like children. Embarrassing for this country you supposedly love. What a joke. Fox News smdh

  14. 27
    Starr Manley

    Here is a question, if there is no climate change, why are the insurance companies cancelling policies due to climate change problems.

  15. 29

    Naw we used to bow to climate gods and pray for rain maybe sacrifice a virgin or two …now we bow to reason and physics because we must …except when $$$ is involved then there are shills like hannity

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