See Gov. Gavin Newsom’s full exclusive interview with CNN

In a wide-ranging interview, California Governor Gavin Newsom speaks with CNN’s Dana Bash about topics ranging from the climate crisis to the 2024 presidential election. #CNN #News

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  1. 2

    Says the incompetent who has destroyed his state. Lol No one takes newsom seriously when they see the destruction of the state that he’s responsible for.

  2. 5
    Peter Gunn

    I am upset with Gavin Newsome for not running for President. I think he is going to miss his time to become president. He is so good in interviews..he should debate desatanis (sic)

  3. 9

    Just wish that Biden and the Democrats would go behind closed doors and anoint Newson as Biden's successor for the next Presidential election.

  4. 13
    Chris Neumann

    Look I'm no MAGA guy and am mostly a Democrat and am concerned about the environment, but THIS guy is as sleazy and slippery as they get! How does he know about the O&G industry? His daddy was an attorney for Getty Oil and as an attorney he probably helped in hiding information that most of us already knew! This lawsuit is a distraction and a money grab for Ca because they have been broke for years.

    He has destroyed Ca, I know, I lived under his "rule" before I left and under his terms he F'ed up San Francisco then F'ed up Sacramento. When he says he's "deeply involved" it means he's heard about a subject but has done NOTHING. He's "deeply cares" about the homeless but has done NOTHING for mental health and addiction services or fixed the staggering spike of the homeless especially on the coastal communities. He had a hand in the "bullet train" boondoggle, wasting BILLIONS of dollars and not a single foot of track has been laid. Every "temporary" tax increase in Ca has become permanent. Wonder why people are striking in Ca? Because the only way anyone can afford to live there is to make a MINIMUM of $100K/year, living in a crappy very over priced apartment! Good luck buying a house that's not 25X overpriced. The minimum cost to register your car every year is about $500 each, $350-$400 for your tags and $100 for an inspection. Have a pickup? That'll be $900/year and thank you. I pay $85 each all in now, my fuel cost is about $2 cheaper/gallon and I pay 1/2 the price per kWh for electricity and can choose my power provider. You can't do that there, it's CON-Ed, Pacific GRAFT and Electric or a small regional utility, no choices, you get what you get and they can charge what they want.

    Oh yeah, his tenure has been so wonderful that people are leaving in DROVES because of the high taxes, monopolized energy and water companies, overreaching and draconian regulations. I'm not anti-regulation but try pulling a permit for some work on your house and you'll know what I'm talking about. I always joked you need to pull a permit to change the batteries in your smoke detector. They've TRIED to pass laws where THEY can tell you what kind of tools you can have in YOUR garage in YOUR home and have also tried to pass a law that anyone moving from the state has to still pay CA STATE INCOME TAX after they leave! I'd become an Ex-Pat before I payed one single cent to that flaming turd of a state! Do a price check on UHaul from LA to Dallas, Tx for example, then look at Dallas, Tx to LA, notice anything? It's orders of magnitude higher to LEAVE Ca! Why? NO inventory. Why? Because people have LEFT Ca and those who can't afford to leave and want to are trapped! Great job Gavin! I'll just sit back and laugh as Ca craters under your watch.

    Don't buy his BS people, he's a "skilled politician" meaning that he can talk and lie for hours and say literally nothing. If he says he wants to recreate the "successes" of California, RUN!!! DO NOT VOTE for this FOOL for President! I'd rather have Joe drooling on his shirt or Kamala's cackling than Gavin in the White House.

  5. 14
    James Miller

    First he destroyed San Francisco, Then he destroyed California, Now he wants to destroy the USA. Everyone is fleeing out of California. Drug users and criminals are all that's left. He lies so comfortably and the MSM backs him. Miss Arnold yet?

  6. 17
    Supreme Being

    The females interviewing these men are rude, quick to interrupt, all out nasty. I see why Trump roll all over their disrespectful asses….

  7. 18
    itz toca toasty

    No. I live in Socal. Since Newsom has been in office- we've had MORE homelessness, HIGHER house prices, GAS PRICES $6 + a gallon, YOUNG FAMILIES leaving California for INSANE cost of living & draconian covid lockdowns (illegal mandates), MORE THEFT & BREAKINS DUE TO weak criminal laws, INSURANCE COMPANIES leaving the state, THOUSANDS of small businesses FAIL due to extreme covid shut-downs…. this state is a disaster and getting worse year by year since Newsome took office. The streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco look like a 3rd world country! Nordstrom & Bloomingdales just left SF due to the rampant theft. Don't believe these marketing strategies by the DNC. And I used to be a Democrat! Hmph!

  8. 26
    Joshua Matkin

    How to reward ingenuity but also create a guarantee for a standard of living for the economic losers of society. To accomplish both is the greatest struggle of society.

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