Ivanka Trump testifies in Trump Organization’s fraud trial

Ivanka Trump is taking the stand in the New York civil fraud trial of the Trump Organization after her father and brothers also testified. NBC News’ Lindsey Reiser reports on what New York Attorney General Letitia James said before entering the courthouse.

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BREAKING: Ivanka Trump testifies in Trump Organization’s fraud trial

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  1. 4

    Money, and prestige gives people power and distinction; however, inside we're all the same. What Ivanka Trump felt going inside that courtroom, is the same feeling a person from the projects gets when is marching the same road

  2. 14

    This is the most Ignorant Case in History of the Justice system!
    Anyone with half a brain knows Legitimate Banks do their "Due Diligence" when giving a loan.
    Even if I claim my house is worth a Billion dollars the Bank will never take my word for it!!!!
    So Loan Fraud?? Or some type of financial Fraud???
    How stupid are you?!
    This is Corruption in our Justice system! This is political "Election Interference" Nothing more!
    The AG needs to go to JAIL!
    That Judge needs to go to JAIL!

  3. 19

    Anyone with any level of morals, common sense, and those who researched these accusations on they're own instead of listening to the corrupt news medias, knows how these Democrats have been lying to the American people for the past 8 years. They're dirty, they're corrupt, they're immoral, and evil. God will get them. But I hope the American people who have listened and believed their propaganda lies, finally wake up to the truth of their rear actions and agendas. I pray we as Americans are not this stupid and ignorant to the truth. Just research people. And do so with a pure unbiased soul. You will find the truth. I PROMISE YOU!

  4. 22

    She's looking more like her stepmother. With Jared no doubt supporting the current acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza, and her commitment to defrauding working people to get rich along with her father, it's probable that evil takes that kind of toll even on beautiful women. They look more skeletal, gaunt and sickening.

  5. 24

    It's all a smoke screen. It's all an effort to keep Trump off the campaign trail and getting votes. They don't care if he wins the fraud trial just as long as he's sitting in that courtroom being derailed. Dems are scared he'll get elected again.

  6. 28

    Ah! The Godless wicked who are all satanically inspired liars coming against President Trump and his family with never ending false accusations! Their defeat will be so crushing in the Timing of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit!!!

    There is no "fraud", no "insurrection", the 2020 lockdown was planned to steal the 2020 election, God knows this and watch what God does! Even a laughable "conviction" by this godless judge in NYC who judges unjustly and shows partiality to the wicked will not work as it gets overturned if necessary by The Supreme Court if not by the Appeals Court.

    These people are so stupid that they think we can't see all the endless attacks against Trump and his family since 2016. ALL THE ATTACKS AND ACCUSATIONS ARE LIES.

    So, come on Trump hating liars! Let's see whatcha got!

    "The Lord LAUGHS AT the wicked, for He sees his day is coming!"

    They can't even see it!

  7. 29

    It is appalling that not a single member of this family knows nothing about their their business accounting. Criminals or incompetents? I believe their are all mob criminals!

  8. 32

    She's a trump 🤮🤮🤮 You know she will lie. How ❓ I don't recall, I don't remember. That's how these liars get away with their BS 💩‼️

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