Finance expert: Leasing a car is a ‘waste of money’

Personal finance expert Suze Orman tells CNN’s Chris Wallace why she thinks buying a car is better than leasing. #shorts #CNN #News

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    My 2007 Lexus has 150k miles on it and it’s still running strong. Although, if I were to buy a brand new car, I’d lease it. I used to sell cars, and leasing makes more sense a lot of the time.

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    LEASING = THE COST OF CAPITAL (w/cars value after lease factored in).

    Thats basically the concept of leasing.So only lease if you dont drive much & u only want cars for 2yr-3yrs max. My dad taught me that long ago. Its that simple.

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    why do people act like cars don’t last past 5-8 years. Like wtf as long as you keep up with even just basic maintenance and don’t drive more than 40k miles a year cars last 20 years easy. I drive a 2002 Buick lesabre as my daily and it has 125,000 miles and my 2005 Chrysler 300c with the 5.7 hemi and it has 96,000 miles. My car before that was a 2006 kia rio.

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    It depends on whether you like cars and want to get the best features, safety and convenience. You can always drive a car for 12 years, but by then, it really shows its age.

    If you just see the car as something that gets you to places, nothing else: sure, get a certified Toyota that’s 2 or 3 years old.

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    It depends, if you can invest the balance of the amount of money you would have spent on the car to return more than the amount you spent on the leasing then you get your car for free…

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    I have a an 11-year-old Honda CRV I can go out and buy a brand new one and pay cash. But this vehicle is giving me no trouble and it's in phenomenal condition with 190,000 kilometers. It's a tool it takes me from a to b.

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    My father dream car was this certain Lexus. He love that car and took extremely good car of it. When he sold it, it had 500k miles and still drove great.

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    If you never pay cash to buy a car, and you're always making a car payment anyway, why not lease? And if you don't go over the miles, it's a good deal for an average vehicle. The cost of a newer car today is ridiculous.

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