Biden admin will not respond aggressively at all: Ex-Trump official

Fox News contributor Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg joins ‘America Reports’ to discuss NSC strategic communications coordinator John Kirby saying the White House will respond to the attack on U.S. soldiers at a time of its choosing. #foxnews

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  1. 3

    Biden is reserved, well spoken, considerate, uplifting. He has been working, focused on doing his job. Getting things done. Trump is whiny, bitchy, fearmongering, combative, conceded, spiteful, just for starters. This is not a party observation. It's an honest look at publicly displayed character.

  2. 11

    Please see that diabolical Trump attacks everyone all the time and seldom acts with any sense of politeness. Anyone who votes for him should be ashamed of themselves. He raised the U.S. deficit by trillions while he incessantly golfed. He insults U.S. allies, insults veterans (calling them "losers"), and praised Putin.

  3. 13

    The United States is no longer considered to be a major world player. President is only capable of giving a "mean face" and when that fails then what? Ans. Nothing!

  4. 15

    Fox news Corporate financed lies are destroying our nation and culture. Don't buy products from their advertisers: Golo, University of Phoenix, Applebee’s International, Inc.

  5. 21

    This is The REAL "American Revolution." The CIA/USA is "Breaking Away" from; MI6/UK "Control." ALL of "our" WARS were to "Defend" BRITISH PETROLEUM an the BRITISH EMPIRE. "No Mas!"

  6. 24

    Watch out MAGA!!!! The BOOGIE LADY, Taylor Swift is comin to getcha. Along with her 533 MILLION FANS!!! According to a 2023 survey by Morning Consult, in the U.S., 53% of adults said they were fans of Swift, while 16% identified as her "avid" fans. Of the avid fans, 52% were women while 48% were men. Racially, the 74% of the avid fans were white, 13% were Black, 9% were Asian, and 4% from other races.

    Tay Tay and her FANS will SINK the TRUMPTANIC!!!

  7. 26

    Biden won't do much because he is a complete COWARD !!!! Iran and all the other Countries will be laughing at America !!!! That is pitiful. Let's see what the lives are worth to Biden of the soldiers that died !!!!!!!!

  8. 27

    Why would these admistration ever change there narraritive ,oh thats right that dont care nor has this party ever cared about our military. Weakness is upon the USA. These are rhe signs. Poor leadership,and bad decsion making are evident.

  9. 28

    He won't respond because he doesn't know where the hell he is half the time, he gets lost on white house grounds, how is he fit to make any decisions on anything.

  10. 29

    Right wing doesn't want war when it comes to Ukraine, and they're reluctant to support Israel's genocide, but they want to bomb Iran. The only thing they want is something they can say Biden isn't doing. Whatever Joe does is wrong. You guys are traitors to America. You hate our nation. You'll do anything to hurt us. Thank you for showing us who you are, you have lied for way too long, since Newt Gingrot.

  11. 33

    Forget the military dude on the news the other day, but he already said at best to expect a shock and awe against the 30 guys who conducted the attack.

  12. 35

    He said "Don't " three times, they "DID" 160 times, guess he was talking to the US military to "don't" respond, "don't" look, and "don't" care.

  13. 39

    Fox contributor so he is a one sided hack that is here to keep the ratings up and keep you MAGA suckers coming back for the ratings. A has been that is no longer an official.

  14. 40

    Biden doesn't have any authority over our military. He is a Manchurian candidate. President Trump never conceded, and he still travels with a full Presidential motorcade. Biden was denied entrance into the Pentagon on the day of his fake inauguration. They are in panic mode, because they know they
    f?cked up.

  15. 41

    What do u mean joey will give them 6 billion more to dont just dont they heard me sure they did joey every one was shaking in there boots when u said dont and they responded back do do just do

  16. 45

    Everyone in the world knows Biden is weak.Our enemies will ramp up the attack knowing Biden won’t do anything . He won’t remember what happened in a day or so anyway . Needs to be put away in a jail and old folks home .

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