JD Vance: We are at the biggest risk of a terrorist attack

Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, calls out President Biden’s failed border polices on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. 1

    NO MORE INSANE BIG PACKAGES. If these items have value they can stand on their own. Pelosi and the dems screwed the people with that obscene package they pushed through last December. Biden needs to be stopped from assisting foreigners from invading our country.

  2. 7

    Hamas roots are in Islam. Biden behavior is treasonous!! against the American people! He was voted into office by many! of the American people. So he is not alone.

  3. 11

    They are congress they make the laws no migrants,no money no no no.
    What country would over taxed their citizens and send money to America? None would do that. Not one country has ever done that.
    Americans has been taxed since money came into existence. We are the only country that dose it.🤦‍♀️.
    America you are falling

  4. 12

    People are SICK of hearing 'it makes no sense'.

    Unless you are a complete moron, it makes perfect sense.

    Biden is 'compromized' to use the Republican's favorite term.
    Why not call it what it is? Biden is OWNED.

    He has no choice. He does what he is told by Russia, Ukraine, China, Rumania, Iran and probably others, or they will reveal what they know about Biden Inc.

    Run that thru the exact SAME calculations and suddenly EVERYTHING makes perfect sense.

  5. 15

    "FAILED" border policies? WHAT do you mean failed? The policies put in place by the Biden Crime Family is working just as planned.
    These policies are definitely a success for them. Their goals just happen to be opposite of what America's goals are. Same thing with the energy policies. Helping Iran AND Russia with funding so they could start these conflicts. They (Russia and Iran) couldn't do it without the Biden Crime Family policy war against American businesses.
    Their claims that Iran is not 'directly' involved means Iran wasn't in the conflict, they're ignoring the training and supplies to Hamas because that's INDIRECT involvement.

  6. 21

    Why is Israel defense is in America's interest? Israel doesn't have any oil. Is it because they control most of the media and 80% of the judiciary in this country? MONEY and POWER TALKS?

  7. 28

    Yes, enforce sanctions on Iran! We must stop terrorism, we must also secure our border & start deporting people from Muslim countries! They hate America, why are they here!!

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