‘Going day-by-day to survive’: McCarthy called out as being on verge of losing speakership

Speaker Kevin McCarthy is reportedly under pressure as a government shutdown nears. Rep. Ro Khanna joins Joy Reid to discuss saying, “Let’s see what Kevin McCarthy does. The Democrats are acting responsibly. Kevin needs to do that.”
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  1. 5

    While the Republicans are the worst – remember these MSNBC SHILLS have their agenda too. Smart people – stop watching mainstream media. There are many proactive channels online. MSNBC lies by omission – they tell you what THEY WANT YOU TO HEAR. Just like Fox. Lies, or lies of omission – both promote other peoples agendas.

  2. 10

    So, if McCarthy did manage to get his compromise bill, passed by the house, the Senate and the president would reject it. And that would be McCarthy’s fault?

  3. 11
    Mark Burnham

    From a purely economic perspective the Government must curtail spending, the current level of deficit spending is not sustainable. But they can't bring themselves to do it, especially with an election year upon us. Painful times are ahead, and you don't win elections by inflicting pain, even necessary pain, on the voters. Quite a dilemma.

  4. 13
    Pat Doyle

    What worries me is that, if the shutdown lasts long enough, it might trigger a recession, and that may be part of the GOP plan also.

  5. 16

    McCarthy called out for not financing a laptop adgenda when the laptop was labeled a Russian hoax.priceless 😂 keep calling cause we are like Joe. Nobodys home 😂

  6. 17
    Mark Pilkanis

    The Republicans are acting as though their slim majority is going to be the future of the House while most Americans are wondering how soon this absurdity of a political party can be voted out of office.

  7. 18
    Seymour Butts

    Republicans don't know how to govern. They're to lazy. Instead of using what the constitution provides them to impose their agenda they use extremist measures like government shutdowns and blocking military promotions. They refuse to do the hard work necassary to take on the issues american's want addressed foremost like the economy.

  8. 19

    House of horrors should not be allowed…GOP are crazy radical and anti American…sickening. Come on Kevin. Democrats are doing their job…what is your problem?

  9. 22
    Marcia Fierro

    Actually, Kevin McCarthy was the ONLY one who thought he could handle the Speakers job, but unfortunately he thinks he is doing a good job which is causing problems for the American people, he is an extreme FAILURE 🤔

  10. 25
    Bill Wickert

    So MTG is going to shut down the entire government so that people don't have to wear masks in the event of another outbreak of COVID. That is Rocket Science isn't it?

  11. 26

    If Kevin wants to keep his job, he simply has to make a deal with Congressmen Jeffries. He can keep it. But he'll never be welcome around the GQP anymore.

  12. 30
    steven houston


    not being funny even if every REPUBLICAN HAD A IQ TEST they would still be called delinquents
    Thats the REPUBLICAN PARTY 😅😅😅😅

  13. 32

    McCarthy is so busy trying to keep his job that he can't do his job. As a whole, Republicans have proven they cannot govern.

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