Hunter Biden sues the IRS

Hunter Biden sued the Internal Revenue Service, alleging its agents illegally released his tax information and that the agency failed to protect his private records. CNN’s Kara Scannell reports. #CNN #News

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  1. 3
    White Tree Productions

    Hunter Biden should sue Marjorie Taylor Greene for showing private pictures of him having sex (100% private) on national TV in front of Congress that she stole from his (a private citizen) computer..

  2. 13
    tek man

    He should sue MARJORIE Tylor Green as well! I’m sure he is going too? seeing she showed his Penis in Congress!! Right? But she stands by her Rapist President!! Trump..

  3. 22
    Kicking Horse

    So, remind me . . .
    How long did it take for the IRS to release Trump's tax returns?
    Most Presidential candidates – since Nixon, I believe – have simply given their tax returns over for review by their party.
    You know,
    to help establish trust in their honesty. Kinda like I have to do when I agree to allow an interviewer at a potential job to access and review my credit report, or background check.
    Normal stuff.
    But Hunter wasn't interviewing for a government position (like, say, Ivanka, or Jared, or Donny Jr.)

  4. 26
    Heide Koczur

    I'd like to sue them for non payment on my 2021 refund! They say they have my forms but that all I can get from them. He sounds like a child pleading to his mother how well behaved he was and such a good boy

  5. 29
    Dustin Barlow

    Hunter is an @$$ clown who deserves what he gets. He first uses his dads DOJ to write up a deferment agreement the Prosecutor did not agree with, He then wants to sue whistleblowers for releasing information the Oversight Committee already had and made public previous to their sworn testimony, and now he told the judge he isn't showing up to his arraignment personally, and can be reached by facetime. LOL if Trump has to personally be arraigned so does Hunter Biden, no ones above the law.

  6. 30
    ed vance

    shappley and the moron are not whistle blowers. they are criminals who intentionally violated hunter bidens rights just to become famous. i hope justice is served and the two criminals who committed these rights vioaltions against hunter biden are prosecuted and put in prison. that acted with malice and without authority in doing what they did.

  7. 39

    I know Republicans are desperate to think everyone should gaf about Hunter, but I don't. He's not a politician, if he's guilty, charge him. I'm more interested in the 2 billion transaction between Javanka and the Saudis. What national secrets did they offer MBS?

  8. 42
    Ethan Haag

    "Two point zero seven. Without the bag" – Hunter Biden weighing his crack cocaine while talking to a prostitute.

    Imagine if this was one of Trump's kids

  9. 44

    Cnn is too pathetic to point out how it was hunters father who added 87,000 irs employees and $80 billion to collect more tax money…

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