AG Garland gets roasted for labeling Virginia parent a ‘domestic terrorist’

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, grilled Attorney General Merrick Garland on whether the Justice Department targeted Loudoun County parent Scott Smith for questioning the rape of his daughter. #foxnews

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  1. 6
    Dave Miner

    I suppose parents are going to gave to get their Congress reps to show up and complain at school board meetings, because they seem to be the only ones who can yell at school boards without being arrested by the FBI.

  2. 13
    Jenni C

    Merick Garland should be removed for self admittedly not knowing anything despite his title, huge salary and near unlimited power. SHAM. Stonewalling and claiming to know nothing about anything should not be allowed in these hearings and should be considered contempt.

  3. 14
    Old Soul

    What I have learned from the current administration is that when asked a yes or no question, you can stonewall and not answer truthfully.

  4. 19
    Deede Wockenfuss

    Every one in Congress is FULLY AWARE that The Biden IS NOT OUR LEGALLY ELECTED POTUS.
    T H E Y. K N O W. T H I S !
    Yet we DAILY act like Garland and Mayorkas have ANY LEGAL AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER!
    STOP THE BS! W E. K N O W!

  5. 21
    Geneva Olivo

    He is no different then MAYORKAS they never. answer any question with a yes or no they are both being paid by Biden administration… 🤦‍♀️👎😡

  6. 27
    Linda Day

    Does this guy know anything about anything? He is in charge, He should know everything that his department if involved with. What a waste.

  7. 28
    Roland Khoo

    The pot calling the kettle black. Reality is the marxist, tyrannical corrupt crackpot is the blackest and most treasonous AG in US history while the kettle is an innocent, patriotic clean American. It's time to impeach this dangerous, lunatic marxist despot and restore law & order.

  8. 30
    Elke Angel

    Parents need to join forces and sue the dept of justice… it is criminal the torment and torture mentally, physically and emotionally they have put Parents and the student body through…

  9. 34
    David Keever

    What world are the democrats living?? This stupid sh t is going to ruin them as well. What do you do when your hand cuffed to a crazy person trying to ruin themselves.

  10. 36
    who cares

    The last few years really nails home what a few knew! The government is a joke, there are two sets of rules and congress will get rich on insider trading!!! No accountability at freaking all

  11. 37
    Willmia Dykes

    Guess he supports and likes what these deviants are considering educations. Mayb he has a mirror in the bathrooms or a camera to enjoy it. I lived in DC and worked for a big insurance company for 2 years down town area then later moved to Bethesda Maryland. Came out swinging door one day and a well dressed male employee jumped in the swinging door with me trying to stop the door to grab me where he had no business. I finally got it opened and took my umbrella and beat his head in all over the street. Never got near me again .things like this happened every where in DC . I carried a knife and kept in my pocket when on the street and when they were going to attack I pulled that switchblade knife, they could run. This was DC in then 50’s and 60’s. Why I say January 6 was just regular DC. Was not trumps followers.look at how many he has at his campaign and no problem with his supporters. it was Pelosi not securing the Capitol to cause this trouble FOR Trump. We all knew in that building at that time was deleting our vote and taking away our voting rights. Problem was organizers BLM and other trouble makers causing trouble.

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