Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: Sept. 19

Watch highlights from The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.

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  1. 3

    When I worked in Vietnam I was astonished how "philosophical" the Vietnamese were about the past and positive they were towards the future.
    I truly believe that fundamentally, human beings want to get along. It is desperation and despair that brings out the worst in us.

  2. 4
    C10wiremantaw Wallace

    LoL the democracy was killed under the Barack Obama administration that refused to legislate anything with Republican bill drafting input not 1 single bi partisan bill was ever drafted as the establishment DC swamp clustered together behind closed doors in committee passing stimulus bill one after the other then calling it a bi partisan agreement on the news. All debates on the merits of legislation were terminated and put away by democrats holding majority voting power over the Republican side. Nancy Pelosi had stated many times – why we don't need them to pass this bill.

    So please tell me more about this Democracy in name only again. OMG what a crock of BS the far-left is pushing with that hook.

    Hillary Clinton paid for a Dossier and the FEC fined her for claiming the expense under her campaign finances!! As proof she paid for that Dossier that the FBI then used to obtain its FISA warrants that allowed the FBI to spy on Trump's campaign staff just like Trump had stated years prior to the end of the Robert Mueller Investigation report that totally exonerated Trump of all accusations of conspire ring with Russia in 2016 election meddling charges.
    Nancy Pelosi is more responsible for the riot on Jan 6th than Trump is for giving his speech that day!

  3. 9

    The American war in Viet Nam. As the Vietnamese call it ……the AMErica’s war against our country , our prople, our children. Never forget that. America has always been the aggressor Except of course against HITLER., only Japan caused that.

  4. 10

    I grew up in the sixties and remember that era well. The country as a whole did not approve of that war and knew it wasn't the right thing to do. I had a boyfriend that served in the Navy over there. He was drafted and joined the Navy. He doesn't regret serving in the military but he also knows he was asked to serve in a wrong war.

  5. 13
    Viper Stew

    Thanks, Lawrence for supporting Ukraine. I'm a former USAF F-16 pilot living in Kyiv and writing and editing for the Kyiv Post.

    Moments before I watched this video there was much aerial activity and sounds of nearby Russian drones. It is early a.m. here, and at about 5:30 I heard the incoming whoosh of a Kremlin weapon. I have stayed in bed with the window open and listened to these attacks and the defense by Patriots, NASAMS and old-fashioned AAA. And it is often loud.

    But it was closer this early morning. I got out of bed and went to an interior hallway in my apartment. AAA air defenses fired nearby. There was an impact quite close. I awaited a follow-on barrage that did not come.

    The people of the US and the rest of the West need to realize this is not just a fight for Ukraine, it is a fight for democracy in the world.

  6. 14
    Bogdan Kowalski

    America did not lose the Vietnam war, but American politicians through their meddeling lost the Vietnam war sadly on behalf of the American people. President Biden must not repeat this mistake with Russia in its unprovoked war with Ukraine.

  7. 15
    Charles Wood

    What is unthinkable is war with China, where the USA courts Vietnam now, a long-time enemy of Vietnam. So Lawrence, little boy, you praise Biden, who allows a war by proxy with Russia, has lost, and now gins up hatred of China in this era of endless war Cheney proclaimed? After the world knows Biden ordered the destruction of Nord Stream? Shame on you. Such an inspired journalist. That we have a journalist like you, a supplicant to the military industrial complex, is unthinkable. But there you are. A parrot with a creative imagination. A failure as a man.

  8. 16
    lotus lotus

    Unthinkable is that democrats trying to destroy America but they do. Unthinkable is that democrats want to destroy constitution and capitalism but they do. Unthinkable is that democrats want to start ww3 with nuclear power but they do. Unthinkable is that democrats used Covid to overturn election results and cheat but they did. Unthinkable is that democrats created self inflicted inflation interest rates that are in double digits but they did. Unthinkable is that democrats planning to use Covid again 2024 so they can steal election again.unthinkable is that democrats are destroying middle class and home ownership in order to create huge government housing programs so they can house their voters by they do. Homelessness ,crime ,anarchy that is only what democrats can get credit for

  9. 17
    Bryan Machin

    Hurry Trumpers! You need to create a fake scandal about the liberal Supreme Court justices so you can make it
    look like the Democrats are as corrupt as you are!!
    Good Luck with that!!

  10. 20
    Maria Teran

    President Biden is inspiring. President Biden gives me hope.
    Knowing Senator Sheldon Whitehouse continues his investigations of the corrupted SCOTUS also gives me hope.
    Leonard Leo, Federalist Society money man, runs the right-wing 'lawyer pipeline'–recruit them in/or right out of law school into the Federalist Society. Place them in strategically influential positions. That's the basic Leonard Leo plan.
    Happy trails Lawrence O'Donnell.

  11. 22

    Take a look at President Zellenskyy's face if you doubt Joe Biden. 40 years of dedicated service to his country, teaches you a lot of things. Among them the lessons of humaness. That soft voice inside that says, well let me see, is there anyway we can agree on these matters. Who's the name caller?

  12. 23
    Georgette Hamel

    What a stark contrast to what comes out of Donald Trump's mouth. Joe Biden deserves all of our love and support… he is a divinely inspired human being and president.

  13. 24
    Anna Davis

    Thank you for reporting on our Present and all the good he has done and is continuing to do. Too many news people are not reporting all the good that has been and still going on by our President and his great team

  14. 28
    Mr Sansen

    And lets say that you kept a speech pattern going too long. And let's say you lost everybody's focus. And let's say the trick was overplayed. And let's say you kept it up anyway. And let's say you could not speak any other way. And let's say it became kinda tedious. And let's say that you spent an hour longer doing this than you actually needed. And let's say it was kinda tedious after the second time. And let's say you did not have the brain to quit.

  15. 29
    Linda H

    Senator Whitehouse, Bravo👏For telling the "Real" story!!!! Let's tell them, they're outta there! They need to be judged by a Real Jury!!! Thank you, Senator Whitehouse🙏😇

  16. 34
    Teri Steger

    I'm so proud of our President, he is the correct person to lead into the next several years. I will vote for the hopefulness running in the forward direction by our leadership in the white house.

  17. 35
    Jullian Mcdaniel

    These guys are losers to the core. This is a prime example of how money doesn't improve who you are it only magnify who you were all alone. These guys are lames no matter what tax bracket they enter. 🤡's

  18. 36

    I love how Biden stands up and delivers on his speeches and backs up his words with actions! The GQP will never attack Biden with facts.

  19. 38

    I need you to quit aging and stay as you are, Lawrence.
    I need to be always able to tune into your nightly takes.
    So no more aging. Okay?

  20. 39
    shirley smith

    The Rich get richer and the Poor get poorer! The 99percent of us need Our Heavenly Father's Help and Protection!❤🦾💪🦾💪💯Help!Help!Help!

  21. 41

    Nobody kills civilians for profits like the American military and their owner corporate owners in the US and Israel. fact. just ask the people of Iraq

  22. 42
    Ask Me Anything Recovery

    I think Americans don't remember that we received a great deal of support from France and Spain when we were fighting for our own freedom. Come on- we need to support any country who wants freedom and democracy and support our own democracy!

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