Chris Christie: This was a rare moment Trump told the truth

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins speaks with former New Jersey governor and 2024 presidential hopeful Chris Christie. #CNN #News

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  1. 1
    Scott Krater

    Gd, I been saying that for months. I'm old enough, I'm running for President. I'm guaranteed 1 vote.
    Edit: Ukraine is a Chinese proxy war against the West.

  2. 6
    Jerry Rice

    If Americans stay out of their country we wouldn't have to worry about being held hostage that would solve that problem and it was Iran's money to begin with so America loses nothing from this deal

  3. 9

    Is Christie cream back at his home base (CNN).
    Is it time for Biden to send more of our tax $ to the most corrupt country in the world? Do you people realize the 6 billion sent to Iran will be used to make weapons for Russia? 🐑🐏🐏🐏🐏

  4. 10
    Matthew Huszarik

    Chris Christy again doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. No matter what Democrats do they criticize. Never trust a Republican and never let them into power.

  5. 16

    This is laughable, America has always paid off terrorists and enemy states to release hostages and they are not alone in this policy, France does likewise.

  6. 19
    gary quarty

    The fat man is still pissed President Trump wouldn't give him a cabinet appointment. Was he lying when he loved Trump or is he lying now? Obama needs to give him another big ole hug.

  7. 22
    patrick dunn

    Oh Chris…don’t you have a traffic jam to create somewhere,,,while you close the whole beach for your private use…YES SOME OF US REMEMBER YOU BEING AN A$$hole BULLY !!

  8. 28
    v harris

    First time I don't agree with Christie… U.S. has no right to call any other country barbaric or any other violent term. Don't be hypocritical

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