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  1. 1

    Right now I can drive my car to work in 15 minutes, whenever I chose, or stand out in the ran and snow at 6:15 and take a bus that gets me there in 45 minutes. That's an hour of my life wasted every day, and every day with the risk of. contracting Covid or Tuberculosis or getting mugged!

    220 lost hours a year 12,000 lost hours over a lifetime, supporting Pentagon that burns more fossil fuel in their Perpetual Oil Wars, than America's daily commute to work!

    On to Tehran for the good of the Order!

  2. 3

    💡🎄Climate change starts @ The top⛄& Ends @The bottom🗑️When the real change should be our electorates🎩& There policies🧻👁️I recommend Bio plastics🌽 & Hydrogen power⛲🚀& It doesn't need batteries Plastics & ill bills🏷️Don't degrade😂🛢️💊But R consumed🦹‍♀️

  3. 5

    With only weeks left in the 2023 hurricane season – only ONE hurricane has made landfall in the U.S. so far! That's way below normal. Gee, must be climate change!

  4. 8

    Please protest at the homes and families of the CEOs of oil companies and mining companies. They are the top 5% of income earners.

    Please stop protesting and blocking my road with banners and gluing yourselves onto the road.. We are the bottom 50% of income earners.

  5. 9

    There is nothing we can do to stop climate change. It is a fact since the day earth was created it has been under change. We could possibly slow down the climate change is we would reduce the amount of rockets we are sending into space poking holes in our ozone lawyer that is protecting us. Every week it seems we are launching four to six rockets a week into space.

  6. 11

    With only weeks left in the 2023 hurricane season – only ONE hurricane has made landfall in the U.S. so far! That's way below normal. Gee, must be climate change!

  7. 12

    Electric vehicles sure do seem safe and effective. Or am I mixing my propaganda?

    According to social media user Xian Ke, a Google-operated electric bus suffered a power loss on Monday morning while attempting to scale one of San Francisco's many hills. The out-of-control bus then rolled down the hill and crashed into nine vehicles.
    The post was followed by a 10 second video.
    Proudly printed on the bus, "Zero Emissions Electric Bus".

  8. 13

    Plenty of ignorant climate denialists here stating "but the climate always changed" (yes it did, but it was very slow changes, while here CO2 from human activities is modifying our climate very FAST).
    Like it or not there is a scientific consensus concerning man-made climate change, the proof is here: (pdf to download)
    "Greater than 99% consensus on human caused climate change in the peer-reviewed scientific literature", Mark Lynas et al.

  9. 14

    Humm, just a note. I have been aware of climate change for 20 years. Even today most people still do not understand. Just keep going the way that you are heading, and the world will be a total sewer. Let's go sewer!

  10. 18

    lol Climate change never did stop changing!.. The only thing that always stays the same is president Trump's intelligence, integrity and love for Americans!.. That's all

  11. 19

    The climate change debate is garbage. No matter who is right or wrong non of us will live to see a signifigant change no matter what that change is

  12. 22

    Its about POLLUTION.

    Past 50 years its been all over the news.

    Not much was done.

    Today coal is #1 energy producing material process. !

    Today oil manufacture's predict rise in thier business til 2070 !

    Most all the planets damage will continue as it is irreversible !

    Humans proved they are horrible custodians of plant earth.

  13. 23

    🦆Last year over 400,000 babies were born with abnormally large heads, This is because of Climate Change. Climate change is real and we have to do something NOW! 🦆

  14. 24

    Take the Polar bears for example. After the last ice age when the icebergs started to break up into sheets of ice due to global warming. The small population of Polar bears grew in population cause they could swim from ice sheet to the next. Looking for food. But with the ice sheets melting now the Polar bear is endangered. Global warming helped the Polar bears but also might be the death of them?

  15. 26

    Severe weather events are not becoming common. Indeed, because of climate change, we have seen relatively mild weather across the country this summer. We are also seeing early snowfall in some areas.
    We can look at the Atlantic hurricane season, which is coming to an end and which has been very mild. We see a reduction in tornadoes across the country, as reported by the US annual account of strong and violent tornadoes, published by NOAA, storm prediction center. We also see record crop production around the world last year attributed to the widespread use of fertilizer and from the slight uptick in CO2 levels which is plant food around the world. Everything seems to be going as predicted, except with some of the radical and extreme forecasters as we see here in this report.

  16. 29

    Just imagine… in the Earth's billions of years long history, the climate never changed until democrats realized they could profit off of gaslighting people about it. We live in an amazing world. Too bad it's going to end if we don't give all our money to billionaires who fly around on private jets.

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