How Hamas is attempting to control the narrative

CNN’s Randi Kaye breaks down the messaging from Hamas officials on international news networks following its Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

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    ‏Every people has absolute freedom to follow what they want. No authority, whoever they may be, has the right to force a people into despicable acts like these, except a people who want to corrupt the world and are against humanity. Let us continue and deliver our word to any authority, whatever it may be, that the entire world is against any act that involves tyranny and abuse of humanity or It degrades the decent level with which any human being on the face of the earth must live, anywhere, and imposes penalties on any attempt at decadence and baseness. We are human beings and will never be just garbage for fun. Do you all hear? Let us cooperate to deliver our message to everyone that we deserve good taste. Respect is part of our world, not a world full of meanness.‼️⛔️🚫❌

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    The Gaza Strip has been economically besieged since 2007, leading to deteriorating humanitarian conditions and real disasters.
    2. Israel has occupied the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem since 1967, with human rights violations.
    3. Palestinians have been displaced since 1948 and have the right of return according to international law.
    4. Israel's continued construction of settlements hinders the peace process.
    5. There have been demolitions of housing, collective punishment, human rights violations, destruction of hospitals, and killing of children and women.

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    You mean how the Zionist media trying to control the narrative. anything that comes from Zionists media is usually the war crimes they commit themselves or about to do like bitching 4000+ kids by israeli army. Shame on you

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    Israel is not a war against the people of Gaza but against the Hamas terrorist group. Unfortunately while in countries like Ukraine elderly people, women and children have been sent away, in the Gaza Strip Hamas uses them as human shields, a clear act of cowardice that, according to International treaties: “The use of human shields is considered a war crime as well as a violation of humanitarian law.”
    In this context I would respectfully ask the Minister to address
    Hamas leadership to demand an stop to the use of civilians as shields that is causing endless suffering to their own people for whom they have no the slightest regard.

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    "Despite its own random killing of hundreds of Israeli civilians.."
    10,000 random killings of palestinian civilians later:
    "Hamas is attempting to control the narrative"

    (so we will never show you the full interview, just bits and pieces that are appropriate for you to see)
    (that's how media works.)
    IDF: Are you seriously asking about the life of palestinian civilians? What is wrong with you!?

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    CNN is full mask-off not even trying to hide their disgusting bias. Accusing Hamas of trying to "control the narrative" when it's Israel that's continually controlling the narrative thanks to its butt-monkey CNN. 🙄 Israel is a master at both propaganda as well as making accusations-in-a-mirror. 😒 If anyone is using self-defense as an excuse for terrorism, it's Israel; they're the ones pretending like they're allowed to commit mass-genocide to "defend themselves". They're preparing to invade Lebanon becasue a guy managed to kick the home-invading IDF out of Lebanon after 20 years by calling him an "existential threat". 🙄 – Imagine an armed gang breaking into your home and wiping out half of your family and forcing the remaining ones to live in the bathroom, then whining that they're they evil terrorists for trying to wanting to kick you out and using that as an excuse to keep hurting them. 😒

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    The occupation is because of people like this terrorist. Then he says the attacks on Israel are Israel's fault. The word Jerusalem is not even in the Koran. It is in the KJV Bible over 800 times, but this terrorist wants Israel. If you try to destroy a country you get occupied. It's his fault.

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    Many weakers, occupied Israeli spider, the Hamas force, move the proceedings of the Palestinian independence, in the end of the independence of Palestinian independence.

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