This is a woke mind virus: Journalist Batya Ungar-Sargon

Journalist Batya Ungar-Sargon says the Jewish people are ‘livid’ about Hamas’ attack on Israel on ‘The Bottom Line.’

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  1. 3

    Give the land you have been stealing, even today back, you think you're chosen and the world is yours and the rest of us are simply chattel

  2. 6

    I am a Journalist/Publisher and I will use the words according to their definition.

    A Terrorist is Defined Quite Clearly in the Dictionaries of Old….
    Militant is a Totally Different Entity

    No one will Dictate My Speech….Ever.

  3. 7

    Thank you, Batya. I don't even agree with you in every respect concerning the conflict, but you are 100% RIGHT ABOUT THIS. The mind virus is EXACTLY what prevents rational discussion about any issue, including most of all where human lives are at stake.

    I'm still shaken by October 7, and by the depraved response of some. I can't accept it. I can't accept a world devoid of ethics, and it's in our faces all the time.

  4. 13

    PRAISE GOD!! May people hear your voice and turn away from this demonic hatred of other human beings, even despising little children, and little babies! These haters carry hell around in their own minds and manifest it on earth.

  5. 14


  6. 15

    Keep in mind, the AP do not want you to call terrorists terrorists, but the AP want you to call Americans who disagree with them terrorists. Make that make sense.

  7. 18

    These people have been brainwashed the universities professors have rotted their minds. It just takes a few to spread lies because there’s plenty of sheep out there. It’ll follow them whether they be true or not you think by being a university student you would know better and do your own research.

  8. 20

    These same people also thinks that Americans are Occupiers…The part that really bugs me is that the Jewish People voted 3 to 1 against Trump. Who would fight like a tiger for them. As it is, I would tell every young person, do NOT volunteer under this administration. They will send you into foreign lands with one hand tied behind your backs.

  9. 23

    if the war-wars,werent televised, people would not be so charged about it. its a made for tv world we live in. let the israelis handle the thugs as they wish. televising every move only breeds division.

  10. 29

    Tearing down the posters is beyond the pale. It is convenient that these animals are exposing themselves for all to see. Batya is 100%. "terrorists" and "terrorism" are political, so AP and the rest, you are as shamefully culpable as the poster tear-down people.

  11. 30

    Even after the God of Abraham mode it clear on how he felt about Men who lie with Men, Israel went "Woke" with the LGB Practice. Talking about drilling holes in a sinking boat. Batya needs to be silenced with her top of her head Emotional Outburst!

  12. 33

    " I could have done without the "holocaust survivors" comment. To me its not what is being done but why is it being done. In 1967 Israel and Palestine both signed on to the Two States Agreement that gave land to both, so they both could live in peace with each other. Then Israel invaded Palestine in the West Bank, forcing out over 100,000 people from their homes. Then Israel invaded the Palestine area of the Golan Heights. Then Israel invaded more Palestine area now being called the "Occupied Territories". Israel has been the aggressors, not the Palestinians. Its hard to call Israel the innocent victims here.

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