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    B G. K.

    This has got to be one of the most disingenuous videos I have seen. He was talking about what happened to him and making a joke comparison. I don't know who is worse though, CNN for making this video or you who believe it. Do any of you have the smarts to look at anything and think hm… lets see if I believe what the press says is true, I know when it comes to Fox News you guys will jump on the "faux news" bandwagon, but when it comes to the mainstream press it's hell yea we believe you….. You guys are so gullible. You are the definition of Kool-Aid drinkers.

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    Brown 25

    I find this discussion to be embarrassing. He IS joking. He is clearing insinuating that this is what Joe Biden did to him. I don't doubt that Trump would engage in some type of weaponization of government to punish his enemies. Look I can't be any more anti Trump but here it is very clear that he is being facetious.

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    Matt Fitzpatrick

    Of course Trump's not joking about directing the DOJ to indict political enemies who've done nothing wrong.
    He already did it. It was the the Barr-Durham investigation.
    So we don't have to guess whether he'll do it and what it'll look like. It'll be more of exactly that.

  4. 12

    They're not trying to indict him in the middle of his campaign – He's trying to campaign in the middle of their indictments.

  5. 16

    The first question should be how he would run again if this is already his second term, assuming he would be re-elected in 2024. To do this, he would have to change the constitution and abolish the limit. Or is that perhaps his plan? He has plenty of role models for this, Putin, Erdogan, Xi … all of them genuine democrats. Just kidding. ^^
    The second question should be how there can still people who are so blinded that they don't realise that they are dealing with a political instigator, criminal and hatemonger who only utters lies, hatred and verbal poison when he opens his mouth.

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    Lorenzo Davis

    The only problem with indicting political opponents is that it reflects the government as a sovereign national group, which is contextually cohesive but incapable of mobile trade. It creates, in short, an economic imbalance in the objective confirmation of a presidential order and a mastery of expressive experience from private criticism and moral imagination. This lifts the element of the conversation to be judged and examined in the political days that lie ahead.

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    Lorenzo Davis

    President Donald Trump and Putin had an unlikely conversation about the messianic prophecy described in the book of Daniel. Daniel 7:25 “And he shall speak great words against the Most High, (Barack Obama) and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, (Putin) and think to change times and laws; (Lucifer) and they shall be given into his hand until a time, (Donald Trump next President of these United States) and times, and the dividing of time.” (Everything in one becomes two realities of value) The reason why Lorenzo Maurice Davis threatened President Obama and Trump serves his community of inventors that are unique to the common majority, economic activity lives in moments of time binding with love, discernment invisibility to the respect of discretion, and visible transit systems within the system meeting the order of the mind and what I have identified as probative intelligence that's not new to the intelligence community that Donald Trump and Putin has convinced within what the American people have agreed is democracy. In short, the Presidents conversation with Putin was about democracy but he did not discuss how democracy can improve and evolve. For one, because he did an unlikely thing; for two, he was ignorant of corona that would be sent on the world as a result of his own insight, which is still insightful to all democratic discussion. He will be the next president to prove that COVID 19 did not conquer him at a legal age, that in some ways he is not and never was the president until America and arguably the rest of the world elects him again after reading this post.

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    Mike Lariviere

    Trump: I love the poorly educated, 74 million of them voted for me and actually think I give a fuck about any of them. I only care when they vote for me or give me their money all while they’re hurting from inflation and gas prices. Bunch of suckers..

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    Nil Nil

    Trump isn't convicted of anything , yet this media trial of him for almost 2 yrs is nauseating. There are actual convicted felons, murders, rapists etc who gets way less media scrutiny than Trump.

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    Jane Starr

    Calling refugees at our boarded an invasion; while Putin is firing missiles at Ukraine is proof of what cowards Americans have become!!! Trump's revenge politics is already taking place. What evidence do you have for a Biden impeachment? We don't have any proof yet, but if we open an inquiry, we"re bound to find something.
    It's already happening. Those who stormed Capitol Hill are being called patriots. Republicans can't blame anyone else but themselves for this continuous assault on our democracy. If they'd have impeached Trump after Jan. 6, we could have put this international disgrace behind us. We stood up for the rule of law when Nixon resigned. There reason why Trump's trials are being held now during the campaign is his own delaying tactics. Believe what you've seen with your own eyes. Stop defending the indefensible.

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    Paul Vandal

    If Trump gets back in (and that's a big if) he'll organize a "Night of the Long Knives" American style. Heck DeSantis is already talking "slitting throats". We must be crazy in this country to even entertain the thought of allowing such people to represent us.

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    Douglas McGinity

    Fake charges about a dopey 3 hour riot 3 years ago no one killed but a protester they call it “an insurrection” without weapons so so stupid.
    Trump could treat them as they treat him. Won’t that be fun.

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