Strict oversight of Iranian funds from $6 billion deal is ‘a joke’: Ford O’Connell

Republican strategist Ford O’Connell predicts what will happen with the $6 billion Iran gained in U.S. prisoner exchange on ‘The Evening Edit.’
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  1. 2
    Char East

    so sad and angry i had to find a maga site to hear the total of what was said and done. to bad i also had to listen to the lopsided comments from the commentator… we no longer have any free press in the u.s.

  2. 4
    Fire 4 Effect

    Who cares? 5 America families are reunited. It is Iran's money to begin with. This was a brilliant move by the Biden administration, and it did not cost us a nickel. I am sure that the prisoners and their families aren't sitting around talking about how much the deal sucks. Perspective matters—get on the right side of it for a change. Everyone is against this deal, until you are sitting in an IRANIAN prison praying for ANY deal to get you the hell out of Iran.

  3. 5

    That's all another Lie from the Biden Administration. They are giving billions out like dollars. The money will go to Hamas Iran's proxies. Americans? More treason. This is money to fund Iran's nuclear and weapons against Israel.

  4. 6
    Roy scott

    Just when you think the Biden Administration can’t do anymore damage or anything more stupid…lo and behold they prove you wrong again!
    Boy, they sure do put America first! How ANYONE can vote for Democrats after this clown administration’s performance is a mystery to me. Get your head out of the sand, people!

  5. 10
    Pinkie Love

    Every home in Maui should be rebuilt by our government never mind helping other countries.. We have to take care of our own people first and foremost.. We also need to complete investigation about what's going on in Maui by third-party ..

  6. 12
    John jones

    Giving Iran billions is giving money to terrorist which America claims to not negotiate with but Biden gladly writes the check fjb

  7. 13
    Martin Kurek

    This is a bombshell. We are all riveted, and Israel praises the Iranians for their extraordinary efforts in this. Lester Holt, you are a genius, a black one, for brokering this great event for Iran, our greatest country ever.

  8. 14
    Uranus, Uh huh uh

    So it's not enough to defend the Palestinian terrorists now creepy Joe is giving them money because Iran will just funnel it to Hezbollah and other groups

  9. 16
    Stan Valentine

    Biden is such an idiot and all his supporters too! We don't make deals with terrorists!!!!! I can't wait to vote Trump back in office and return American to being great!

  10. 17
    David Collver

    See that's where you keep reporting wrong buddy this is not the Biden Administration this is Obama's terrorist s*** against the United States in his fourth term most likely in control of the White House

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